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Corporate law regulates all matters, from the birth of companies to their dissolution. It involves the study of law that regulates working of incorporated bodies. Corporate law does not restrict to the Companies Act only but applies to allied legislations. Corporate law addresses incorporation, corporate capital, relations between corporate managers and stakeholders, corporate restructuring etc.


What's it about

Corporate Law involves the study of law that regulates working of incorporated bodies.


Pay Off

Entry level: R3 lakh to R4 lakh per annum Middle level: R8 lakh to R10 lakh per annum Senior level: R25 lakh onward per annum Independent practitioner Senior level: R40 lakh onward.


Clock Work

10.00 am: Work at office begins 10.30 am onwards: Meetings, hearings, discussions. 2.30 pm: Work continues 5 pm: Drafting, preparing documents etc. 10 pm: Bound for home.



. Good knowledge of all statutes, rules and regulations, notifications, governing the working of the  companies

. The ability to foresee various situations, which the client may face.


Pros & Cons

. Financial stability

. Opportunity to work on variety of legal issues

. You are not your own boss (if employed by industry/law firm)

. 24 x 7 work schedule.


How do I get there

. Opt for either the three-year Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) programme, to be taken up after graduation, or the five-year integrated BA LL.B. programme to be taken up after passing class XII.


Colleges & URL's

.    NLSIU, Bangalore;

    Faculty of Law, DU

.    NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad

Raunika Sood


on 09 December 2011
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