Cavery imbroglio!

State of Karnataka obviously failed in its duty to follow the S C judgement in terms of Art 141 of the Constitution of India.

CM of Karnataka talks irrelevantly, so too many political leaders of Karnataka like even Deva Gowda, Kumaraswamy, Gowda, Sadananda Gowda, so many others ministers, without rightly protecting the properties of any which happened to be there in the state during the agitation, obviously their pronouncements were literally 'contempt of court' based actions, they need be pulled up by the Apex Court directions.

Fact is 'vandalism' was perpetrated by the goons having allegiance to 'dons' in that state; 'dons' need commotions normally to perpetuate their 'ends'; but all the ministers were talking irrelevantly, not realizing that the government cannot 'take sides' in any issues but it has to be 'impartial' as far as rule of law is concerned.

One knows since 1924 on after, then British Madras government by a treaty with Mysore government, took to sharing the Cavery water as per then prevailing conditions, after all 'rains' can never occur as per one's wishes, but that do take place as per the natures dispensation, that is a realized fact even then, as no Man can control Nature, a well known universal truth.

How a modern Nature could change to one's own wishes, any 'rational man need realize.

So many River water commissions surfaced , and yet nothing rational is resolved.

Commissions probably did not realize the need of suggesting changes in 'crop patterns' paradigms depending upon availability of water resources.

British Madras government properly understood perennial rivers can be harnessed that way British built Krishna barrage, and the Bukkingham Canal system that provided Krishna waters for irrigation right from Bezawada then till Madras city besides proving drinking water to city then. If British could think could we not think ? Yes Dr. K L Rao suggested the inter connecting the perennial rivers all over India, that cost was then estimated to be around Rs.10,000 crores in 1970s; but federal government under Smt Indira Gandhi could not raise thus that idea was shelved.

Then governments could think but till today no agricultural university of IIT or IISc or any could think why so too so many irrigation ministries in states or in the centre could evolve any meaningful ideas for inter connecting rivers, or modifying 'crop patters ' depending upon availability of rains depending upon so many decades of rainfall data, and the demand for food grains.

Rice and Sugar alone are not just foods, there are quite a lot like 'Maize, Millets and so on, like dry crops, but we have been without brains simply convert all agricultural both wet and dry lands in non agricultural purposes as if you can live without 'any food, it is said some decades later man would consume 'worms' is the anticipation, per scientific reports already filed by several research institutions.

When so, how can we just simply mentally blow up and try to hit each other in the name of calling the the 'water resources' in a state as if it belongs to its own while water can flow any part of the state or country unrestrictedly as you can never prevent by construction of dams after all before water movement force no force of energy could contain water, we see in river Hoengo of China considered to be the 'sorrow of china' , they Chinese govt tried to put dams but all dam constructions could not sustain the force of water flow and the force just broke down all such dams and bridges; so they contrived 'tanks' and lakes where they ensured to divert the river Hoengo waters by holding waters, that really helped Chinese irrigation systems; our rivers except like Brahmaputra or Irawadi or Indus or Ganges, Narmada could be so used so too Godavari Krishna, Cavery, pampa etc by duly diverting excess flows in containment catchment areas besides rain harvesting so that drinking water could be easily assured, besides some for irrigation purposes, as population growth none can contain however n=much we talk about 'family planning' and the like .

Therefore we need to be rational. We need to be good thinkers. But for thinking you can never achieve anything on earth.

No doubt all resources do get recycled; that we need to know. We can waste as we waste water resources into seas by draining and recycling by cloud formations that pour in where we could have good 'forests, mountains, etc that natural formations only cause rains, not just great ideas like trying to use air planes to force clouds to convert into rains at the places web want; after all you don't control; air or winds even they they may appear to be simple but in fact most unharnessable nature productions.

Watson thought well and thus created the massive computers initially and many others like Ada Byron and others too contributed the development of . mini computers , how just by creative 'thinking process' not by waging wars or talking irrationally , Hitler tried to be the police force of the world, that way he waged wars, we lost millions of lives , could he achieve anything meaningful.

Therefore, peaceful 'thinking process' alone could solve issues; not by burning properties like lorries, buildings, or damaging properties.

Judiciary rightly gives decisions for helping you to think solutions; nor meaninglessly fighting against each other set of peoples; that way 'terrorism' is failing that you all see, when so why don't you mentally modify yourselves is the question before man.

Never anger ever saved any in the whole history of man. if you review the history to understand yourself.

First harness 'Angers' , 'Violence' that way the idea of Non violence was found for peaceful co-existence. that way pancha sheel idea Nehru and Chou en Lai signed in 1960s, that that way Non violence movement surfaced then that way Nehru -Tito Non Alliance Treaty idea came.

But yet without thinking if we quarrel among ourselves, how can we be global citizens, if we cannot understand or comprehend what is globalization.

How other nations would trust you if you become so white hot anger, and destroy properties. How any foreign investors would land at a place of a man who is simmering with anger and violence.

All that happened in the last few days might make the exiting IT companies in Bangalore to think is it worth to continue their location to be Bangalore or Bengaluru or whatever you might call or any place.

This situation might help thinking of Nasscom members to shift to Amarawati region a new AP state capital in the making as AP men compared to quite a lot of Indian states are very cool since Amarawati is located in indeed a coastal AP where the lands too basically fertile, and poverty is not so high; besides, one needs to realize, IT industry could be anywhere where human concentration is just thin, so too the concentration of landed wealth; just 'dry lands' even silicon valleys like deserts might fit.

Bangaloreans must realize their follies if they continue to become white hot anger for everything; that way Bengaluru today is not the Bangalore of the 1960s or 1970s or early 1980s.

So Karnataka man need to realize and mend his ways. If not they might lose the growth they registered so far, I warn.

Be a thinking citizen, else terror itself would destroy very Bangalore economic growth.


dr g balakrishnan 
on 16 September 2016
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