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“After speaking with you I feel very confident in the process and look forward to my new smile.” in 3 reviews We wanted to give another teeth whitening strips product a go, as the first we tried were part of a set and also involved quite a lengthy process. For any issues one might have while wanting to whiten their teeth on-the-go or regarding waste or sustainability problems, these Boots dissolvable whitening strips might be the answer. Portable whitening pens like this one from Go Smile won't drastically lighten your teeth due to a lesser percentage of hydrogen peroxide, but a lower dose of the active ingredient also means it's less likely to irritate teeth. True to its name, it's a good pick-me-up for on the go — use as needed after teeth-staining culprits, like coffee and red wine. The wand "does brighten up my smile and my teeth everyday," a user remarked.

Raisins can help to keep teeth white by stimulating production of saliva, which naturally helps to rinse away plaque and impurities. Make sure you do not let raisins stick in between teeth as it can help formation of cavities. Rinse your mouth immediately after having raisins. In addition to keeping your teeth healthy whether you’re at home or on the go, it’s important to set aside time twice a year for your bi-annual checkup. To schedule yours, give our dentist office in Cary a call at (919) 467-2203 or reach out to our Holly Springs dentist office at (919) 600-6262 and you can also use a contact form to request an appointment. It can be done from the comfort of your own home, with ingredients you probably already have on hand. All of these natural methods can be performed using foods and material found at your local stores and don’t require a lot of extra work. So there’s no excuse not to clean those chompers.

1 - Professional Teeth Shade Guide Reviewing your options carefully and consulting with a dental professional can make it easy to select the best professional teeth whitening program for you. After you make a selection and get started, you're likely to feel great and enjoy a new level of confidence once you’ve achieved a beautiful white smile. More Comfortable For Your Clients Once your order is placed we'll immediately ship out your at-home teeth impression kit. You'll receive your easy-to-use impression kit within a few days. If you’re looking for a whitening toothpaste with less additives (like foaming agents, sweeteners, or artificial colors), Hello is an excellent alternative. It’s our top pick for natural toothpastes and recommended by two dentists, Dr. Inna Chern and Dr. Jonathan B. Levine. Instead of using hydrogen peroxide or other chemicals, this contains coconut oil as a natural whitener. And while it is a more natural product, it’s made with fluoride, meaning it’s ADA approved.

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