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When Plum received Lin Jian's request for full communication with the remaining warships of the Seventh Fleet, Plum did not realize Lin Jian's idea. With gratitude to Lin Jian and trust in Lin Zi, Plum readily agreed. But what happened next took Plum by surprise. Lin Jian briefly introduced his identity and said his purpose in the exclamations of the soldiers of the Seventh Fleet. Before that, the soldiers did not know the true identity of Lin Jian. After learning that the fleet that assisted the Seventh Fleet was actually from the family of the acting commander Lin Zi, and that its commander was Lin Zi's sister, the soldiers' trust in Lin Jian suddenly increased a lot. After introducing his identity, Lin Jian explained the purpose of his visit. The Empire was in turmoil, the Emperor died, and the Eleventh Fleet attacked the Seventh Fleet because of its different positions. At this time, the Seventh Fleet could not return to the capital system on its own, because both routes to the capital system were now full of danger. Lin Jian pointed out two directions to the soldiers of the Seventh Fleet, either to stay in the Molinbek system and wait for the end of the war, or to choose to merge into Lin's fleet and obey Lin Jian's command until the end of the war. The combined fleet will go to the capital as a participant in the war, not as a bystander. The Seventh Fleet, which originally belonged to the Galactic Empire Space Fleet, is one of the few regular fleets in the galaxy. They have their own pride and history. In the Manchirapin rebellion, however,x60 line pipe, the commander of the fleet was lost and the organization was lost. This incident made most of the surviving soldiers feel extremely indignant and unwilling. They seem very confused in these days, waiting for the future that they don't know what will happen. And Lin Jian gave them a choice like a dawn, let them see the hope of revenge, but also rekindled the fighting spirit. Except for a few soldiers who could not heal the psychological trauma caused by the war, most of the remaining soldiers of the Seventh Fleet were excited to join the Forest Fleet. Plum watched helplessly as the Seventh Fleet was incorporated into Lin's fleet without any way, thinking of Lin Zi's misdeeds that he had told him before,316l stainless steel pipe, and he even suspected that Lin Zi had destroyed Lin Zi's body. As a result, Lin Jian issued an order on the same day to transfer several cruise ships from the fleet to temporarily send the soldiers who did not want to follow the fleet to the fourth star of the Lin family in the Molinbek system, while the rest of the fleet was diverted to the Molinbek naval port for replenishment. At the same time, Brant took Florence to the shipyard of the Lin family to replenish the fleet with warships. Seven thousand battleships are still nothing in a large-scale war. So although the number of their soldiers is insufficient, but at this time there is no way to replenish personnel, once the battle starts, they can only rely on willpower to persevere, because if the number of warships in the fleet is increased, it will inevitably lead to the rotation of replacement personnel in various positions. When all the dust settled, Lin Zi, who woke up and "slept" in the low temperature rest cabin for three days, felt that his waist was sleeping straight. After hearing the news, a333 grade 6 pipe ,uns s32750 sheet, there was only one thought left in his mind: Big brother, you are really not easy. Don't you really want to strangle her? Really? Really?.. The author has something to say: Well, when I came back today, I saw the discussion below. Yan is very happy that everyone can discuss the issue of this article so enthusiastically, which shows that everyone is very concerned about the growth and belonging of the characters. Thank you for your comments. In this article, Yan decided not to give priority to love when he framed the outline. Yan hopes that this article is a process of a girl striving to be strong in the future world. Of course, there must be family, friendship and love in this process. A good work, the protagonist and even the supporting role need to have a growth arc, and the composition of this arc will mostly come from the emotional aspects, of course, the emotion here will certainly not be just love. Yan has always believed that the emotion that can really make people grow up in all aspects is friendship, the emotion that can make people have a sense of belonging to the world is family, and love makes people feel another kind of joy and touching in life. All three make people learn to take responsibility and pay. In any case, these emotions in this article, Yan hopes to reflect its positive side. Thank you again for your comments, and we will discuss it enthusiastically in the future. As long as there is time, Yan will certainly reply, the number of words, will send points oh ~ ~ I wish you all a happy reading. Talk 112112 Ten days later, Lin Jian and his fleet arrived at the fourth star of the Molinbeak system. Brant and Florence arrived a few days earlier than Lin Jian because they were on a fast stormboat. At this time, they were mobilizing warships in the shipyard of the Lin family. Although the head of the shipyard was angry at Brant's coercion twice in a year, he could only accept his fate and arrange for the production line to work overtime so that this batch of 3,000 warships could leave the factory as soon as possible. In addition to the two thousand ships a few months ago, the share of the Lin family shipyard for a year was taken away by Brant. Lin Jian's fleet and the seventh fleet have gone through a battle, Lin fleet has no damage, the seventh fleet is almost every warship has varying degrees of damage. During the short stay in the Molinbek system, the whole team of the Seventh Fleet entered the naval port for maintenance, while the non-commissioned officers of the fleet began to train with the Lin fleet at the behest of Lin. The quality of the gunners of the Lin Fleet opened the eyes of the artillery sergeants of the Seventh Fleet. After Lin Jian left the Molinbek system, Deisler, with the strong support of Brant, began to rebuild the gunner team of the fleet. Months of hellish training had not been in vain, and the battle of the Manchilla system was enough to test the quality of the fleet gunners. However, Deisler is not satisfied, in his view, the gunners are still far from meeting their requirements. Whenever he talked about the gunners of the fleet, Deisler's eyes would shine crazily, and his dream was to turn the original garbage into the first gunners in the galaxy. Lin Jian,x70 line pipe, who accepted the fleet again, also found some problems in the current fleet, which can also be said to be problems in her team. There are too few people who can share the burden for her.

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