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Chen Nanfeng listens in the side with great interest, interrupts the voice to ask: "What kind of evidence is the key evidence?" "Feng Feng." Chen Cailing showed a bit of sternness, "adults speak, children don't." "It doesn't matter." Mu Zi does not mind, looking at Chen Nanfeng, "the key evidence we need can be evidence to prove that your father was not at the scene at the time of the crime, or evidence to prove that the deceased was killed by others." Chen Nanfeng listened, immediately took out a thick document bag from his schoolbag, serious way: "I have a lot of evidence, you see, there is no the same as the key evidence?" File bag opened, is a thick stack of printed photos, both landscape photos, but also people photos, at first glance, can not see any connection with the case. Chen Cailing was stunned: "Feng Feng, where did you get these photos?!" Chen Nanfeng proudly raised his head: "All said is the top secret file, the source of course confidential ah, aunt, you do not ask." Chapter 825 so sweet. Mu Zi turned over the photo and could not help raising her lips,ultrasonic spray nozzle, feeling that the little girl was very interesting. Chen Nanfeng came over: "How is it?"? Is there any key evidence? As long as you let me be an assistant, I will provide you with endless information! Muzi raised her head and asked her with a smile, "How old are you?" "Twelve years old!" Chen Nanfeng replied. How long did it take you to collect these photos? Mu Zi asked. Chen Nanfeng said proudly, "I have been collecting since I was eight years old!" Mu Zi couldn't help laughing. "I started collecting evidence when I was eight years old. Your father has been in prison for just two years. You said you were twelve years old?" Chen Nanfeng blushed and argued, "I'm talking about the nominal age!" "Isn't that right?" Mu Zi laughed and said, "the nominal age is only one more year." I'll be eleven in a few months! Round it up and you'll be twelve years old! The little girl was embarrassed. Mu Zi shook her head with a smile: "To be my assistant is neither a nominal age nor a rounding. The first element of investigation is rigor." Chen Nanfeng bit her lip and hung her head dejectedly: "Well, I'm ten years old this year." Chen Cailing had no choice but to take her niece and said with a helpless smile,ultrasonic generator driver, "Feng Feng, why do you have to say two more years old?" Chen Nanfeng muttered in a low voice: "People over the age of 12 are teenagers, and people under the age of 12 are children. Now it is a society that discriminates against children." Mu Zi and Chen Cailing laughed together. The little girl's expression was even more plaintive, like a silent accusation: "See, you all despise me." Don't worry, I don't discriminate against you. Mu Zi laughed. In the evening, Chen Nanfeng stayed for dinner. There was a child at the table, and the atmosphere immediately became different. Little Nanfeng looks lovely, and his character is as lively as a boy. He is not shy at all. He says this is delicious for a while, and that is delicious for a while. He praises the food in the presidential palace. Old Mr. Szeto and the old lady saw that she was eating well, and they also had an appetite, so they ate a few more mouthfuls of rice unconsciously. Old Madam is laughing to exhort: "Slow bit eats, nobody grabs with you, is this lunch not full or how?" Chen Nanfeng touched his stomach and stretched his neck to look at the table: "That golden shrimp.." Is there any more? "Xiao He, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, do you have any more Furong shrimp?" The old lady asked the servant beside her. Servant is not clear, want to go to the kitchen to ask. Chen Cai-ling then said: "Even if not, eating too much at night is not easy to digest..." The old lady immediately stared: "a half-grown child, it is time to grow up, can eat more, you look at Feng Feng this arm, there is no meat.". Feng Feng, don't listen to your aunt. Just eat until you're full. "Grandma, you are so kind!"! You are really my own grandmother! Chen Nanfeng exaggerated to please the old lady. The old lady grinned from ear to ear and said, "Oh, I dare not compare with your grandmother!"! Your grandma loves you! Szeto old gentleman also laughs ceaselessly: "Feng Feng's mouth is really sweet today, I see what you eat is not shrimp, is honey?" "Because I'm in a good mood today!" Chen Nanfeng grinned and said, "Sister Muzi promised to reverse my father's verdict, and I will be her first assistant in the future!"! Just like Holmes and Watson! The old lady's smile froze at the corners of her mouth. "Oh?"? Is that true? Old Mr. Situ looked at Mu Zi, "How sure is it to reverse the verdict of Nan Feng's father?" Children are always very sensitive, for fear that Mr. Situ would not agree, he said, "Grandpa, if you try to check, there is still a glimmer of hope!"! If you don't check, there's no hope at all! Mu Zi smiled and said, "Feng Feng organized a detective agency at school and asked me to be a tutor for extracurricular activities. You don't have to worry. It's no big deal." In this way, it should be just a child's play. Chapter 826 who is the most powerful? Old Mr. Szeto had a number in his heart, so he didn't take it too seriously. He teased Chen Nanfeng with a smile: "Fengfeng can investigate cases at such a young age. It's really not easy. Follow your sister and you must study hard to be a big detective in the future!" No, no, no, no. Chen Nanfeng waved his hand again and again, "If I become a detective, what will happen to our Chen family?"? No, my grandparents said that I would be a rich woman in the future, and the detective game could only be played when I was a child. After saying that, he sighed heavily and went on to say, "No wonder Conan has always been a primary school student. It seems that he really can't be a detective when he grows up. Those famous detectives seem to be very poor.." The people at the table laughed. Mu Zi's gloomy mood for many days, but also can not help but follow the clear, feel that children's words are particularly healing power. The old lady forgot her unhappiness and said with a smile, "Feng Feng, you can be a rich detective!" Chen Nanfeng thought about it seriously and said cheerfully, "Grandma, what you said is very reasonable!" Everyone laughed again. The atmosphere of the dinner was rarely so good. Ning Yuewei took aim at the opportunity and said to Chen Cailing with a smile, "Speaking of the case, I happened to meet a friend recently. His uncle is a famous lawyer in the industry. He has fought many lawsuits. Auntie, would you like me to ask for you?" Chen Cai Ling micro Leng, the case she has asked to Mu Zi,ultrasonic dispersing machine, is the so-called one thing does not bother two masters, and then ask other lawyers, it seems very disrespectful to Mu Zi. fycgsonic.com

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