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"After completely devouring that drop of blood, my own blood, nerves and flesh and blood have gradually become different, not only the strength has gradually recovered, the perception and control of psionic power have been greatly improved, but also I have gained some ability to transform the spirit beast and communicate with the eggs of heaven!" "After many attempts, I finally confirmed that after devouring the Bloodline Clan, I merged the dual powers of the Terran and the Bloodline Clan and gained a new evolution!" "This discovery made me ecstatic and made me realize the road ahead!" "In this universe, the law of the jungle, tigers will eat people, people can also eat tigers!" "First strike is strong, instead of waiting for thousands of years later, the blood stripe clan manipulates us, it is better to devour the blood stripe clan first while we still have the power of World War I!" Chapter 625 the bite of the northwest of Yan! "Devour the Bloodprint Clan and master their magical powers thoroughly. Naturally, there is no need to be afraid that they will manipulate us in turn after thousands of years!" "Moreover, after fusing the dual powers of the human race and the blood stripe race, we will all evolve into more powerful new human beings, and it is possible to break out of the original iron star and rule the whole flying star world!" "This is not only the only way out for Tieyuan Star, but also the brightest future for the flying star world, and even opens up a new road for the progress of human civilization as a whole!" Yan Xibei said more and more excited, more and more crazy,interactive touch screens education, all the blood lines wrapped around the body are shining, a drum and a suction, the insect body under the body, between the carapace also issued a "click click" friction sound, as if gold and stone hit each other, creepy. Fart! You fart! Yan Chihuo sat down in front of Yan Xibei, his thighs covered with blood,smart board touch screen, his face pale, and he shouted, "If you really want to think about the future of Tieyuan Star, why don't you say it openly, instead of cooperating with the Palace of Eternal Youth and killing so many people!" Yan Xibei sighed and said with regret, "Do you think I haven't thought about it?" "After I made up my mind, my first thought was to make everything public and ask everyone to study the Bloodprint Clan with me and devour them and merge them." "But when I think about it, I think of three problems that are almost impossible to solve." "First, look at me, would you like to be like this?" Yan Xibei pointed to his body, such as poisonous snakes, vines, blood vessels winding, constantly twisting, releasing the blood lines of the demon red awn, interactive boards for classrooms ,interactive panel board, with a self-deprecating smile on his face. Or even like this? He pointed to the ugly body under his body, which seemed to be composed of three or five kinds of giant insects. Without waiting for an answer, he shook his head slowly and said, "It's impossible. You don't want to be like this unless you have to.". So my plan will certainly encounter great resistance, and you will even prefer to cooperate with the flying people rather than merge with the blood stripe clan. Far from approving of my plan, you will think. I have been secretly controlled by the Bloodprint Clan, and have been manipulated by the spirit and intelligence. Everything I have done is what the Bloodprint Clan has asked me to do, in order to make it spread. Spread to the whole iron star, even the whole flying star world, right? "Not bad!" Xiong Wuji said coldly, "Teacher Yan, listening to what you said, I really think that you have been invaded by the blood stripe clan, in other words, possessed by the blood demon!" Yan Xibei did not get angry and smiled faintly. "Not bad," he said calmly! Your suspicion is very reasonable! From your point of view, when I see such a monster who is not a ghost, I will naturally speculate that he must be possessed by a blood demon and will never believe half of his lies! "I've been thinking for a long time, but I can't find an irrefutable way to prove that I'm not possessed by a blood demon." "So I can't say it, because no one will believe me." As I said just now, you are all blind people who were born blind. I never know what light is, even though I tell you that I see the cliff ahead and the road of light in the distance. You won't believe it. You'll just think I'm a demon. ” "Only I know clearly that I am not controlled by the Bloodprint Clan, but in absolute sobriety and absolute reason." Ha ha ha ha. If you can't explain, don't explain at all! Even if the whole world does not understand me, so what? Then I will save Tieyuan Star on my own! "But, on my own, the second problem comes one after another, that is, I can't get the necessary resources to study the blood stripe family and carry out all kinds of experiments!" "At that time, I had been entangled with the Bloodprint Clan for several years, and I was no longer in charge of the important affairs in the tribe, and the position of patriarch fell to my brother Yan Zhengdong." "I am not a person with a strong desire for power. If I suddenly intervene in a major event in the tribe and ask for a lot of resources, it will inevitably arouse suspicion!" "Although I have a lot of contacts in the six departments of Tieyuan, it is impossible to transform them into the huge resources I need out of thin air!" "Even if there are many people in Tieyuan Six who are willing to listen to my orders and supply me with a lot of resources, they are bound to know that I am doing an earth-shaking event!" "Third, even if I can gather resources in secret and carry out plans in secret, there is still a fatal problem that can not be bypassed." "That's the Flying Star Man!" "I have a very clear understanding of the strength of the Tieyuan people and the Flying Star people. I know that after thousands of years of consumption, the overall combat power of the Tieyuan people is far inferior to that of the Flying Star people." "Now, for the sake of all the Terrans, we can still keep the peace of the well water not interfering with the river water." "However, if my plan is spread out on a large scale, the Tieyuan people will begin to devour the Bloodline Clan and evolve into a new life form.." "Will the Flying Star people sit back and do nothing?" "No, once they discover the new form of Tieyuan people, they will regard us as terrible monsters and destroy us mercilessly!" "We don't have the ability to navigate the universe. We can only be beaten passively. We really can't win this battle!" "No matter which one of these three problems is not solved, my plan is, after all,65 inch touch screen, a star in the sky, a moon in the well, and a dream!" 。

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