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"How can you need someone else to teach you the charm of the Immortal Land?" The Feather Emperor looked at the Purple Emperor and said with a smile, "From this point of view, you are far worse than the ancient Great Emperor Yi." The purple emperor's pupils contracted, and the purple air above the sky was like a terrible storm. When the feather emperor saw this scene, he said, "Why can't you evaluate it?" "I will set foot in the realm of the ancient emperor." The Purple Emperor said coldly, "Now, tell us, where is the other part?" "In the ancient mountains." At this time, Jiang Jiaxian opened his mouth and said that his eyes seemed to have divine light, looking at the ancient peaks behind Shenshou Villa, where even his eyes could not see through, hiding secrets. Go and see. The Demon Emperor Huang Jinzhan and Tian Diao stepped out and were about to go. But the Feather Emperor said with a smile, "Don't bother to do it. If you want to see the complete hand of God, I'm afraid you don't have the ability." "You talk a lot." The demon emperor's body is full of golden fighting spirit. Yu Di looked at a man beside him, only to see the man's body twinkling, toward the ancient mountain in the distance, a moment later, only to see the clouds and mists of the ancient mountain surging crazily, which turned out to be a terrible array. Clouds and mists dissipated, where a huge pattern appeared, blocking the space, the feather emperor's palm stretched out, in an instant bright golden light shining in the palm, the golden arrow appeared in his hand, containing a towering sharp gas. Whew. With a loud noise, the arrow broke through the sky, pierced the void,long span shelving, and fell on the big pattern in an instant. With a loud noise, the whole world seemed to be changing. A wonderful ancient mountain with clouds and mists appeared in the field of vision of all people. The immortal emperors and immortals present swept out in an instant and went inside. They only felt mysterious and incomparable. Their immortal thoughts were limited. Hum. The wind is strong, the evil spirit is towering, the golden light envelops the whole heaven and earth void, bright and boundless, the demon emperor's golden battle eagle waved golden wings, instantly set foot in the ancient mountains, all the immortal emperors'eyes flashed, all ready to act. But in a flash, there was a towering breath blooming, the body of the golden eagle rose into the sky,Pallet rack supplier, and the golden light spread all over the world, including a hand that destroyed everything, blocking the sun and killing out. With a loud roar, the world was in turmoil, and his body instantly retreated hundreds of miles away, where a huge rumbling sound came out, the ground was torn crazily, the sky was broken by the golden awn, and all the peaks there were shattered. Roar. The demon emperor sent out an astonishing roar, and the power of the peerless battle made the people with low realm here feel like crawling on the ground. A palm print in the ancient mountain forced the demon emperor back. Emperor Yu had a terrible edge in his eyes. He swept away all the people and said, "Even if there is a unique charm in this ancient mountain, I'm afraid you immortal emperors won't be able to get in." (End of this chapter) Chapter 1062 the wind and clouds change. ? The wind is glistening The Golden Mang was in full bloom, and the demon emperor returned from the battle against the celestial eagle. His expression was extremely sharp, and he looked directly at the feather emperor. What am I doing? I didn't let you in. You asked for it. Emperor Yu said lightly, "All of you here are extraordinary people. Since you want to cultivate the hand of God, I will put the hand of God in front of you. Is it possible that you can't cultivate it and blame me? That's really a joke." "What is in the ancient mountains?" The East Immortal Emperor stepped forward and asked. The eyes of all the people present all fell on the feather emperor, it seems that it is not so simple to get the hand of the absolute learning God, even if the feather emperor let them practice, it is difficult to get. As I said, Narrow aisle rack ,warehouse rack manufacturer, I am just the guardian of Juexue. This ancient mountain is left by the predecessors of the ancient Emperor Yi, which contains the so-called Juexue charm you want. Maybe you can be enlightened. But I also remind you that this ancient mountain is not so easy to set foot on. The stronger the person is, the greater the impact will be, just because the Juexue charm you feel will be more real. So real that it's like a real attack, directed at you. Feather emperor's eyes also gradually sharp up, since the strong come to God hand villa want to learn the hand of God, then he will take advantage of the situation, the hand of God, it is time to be born, there are young people in the city of the ancient emperor repair the hand of God entry, and came here, now, it depends on who has the opportunity to create, can get complete learning, he this guardian of learning, can also put down all this. "Emperor Yi is no better than the ancients. Can his thoughts stop me from waiting?" The Purple Emperor stood there proudly, even more majestic, looking into the distance, eager to try. I don't want to repeat it again. The complete hand of Juexue God is right in front of you. If you have the ability, you can take it. You don't have to waste your breath. I also know why you come here. I'm too lazy to talk to this old man. The feather emperor said lightly, the purple emperor's figure flashed, as if for a moment, appeared at the entrance of the ancient mountain. Purple gas east, between heaven and earth is purple awn, purple emperor's figure like an ancient God, contains infinite majesty, he stepped out, directly into the ancient mountain. Purple emperor is the immortal domain top immortal emperor figure, how powerful, if the ancient Yi emperor is in, he is ashamed, but, this ancient mountain is only left by Yi emperor, he purple emperor, how can not get in? Purple emperor's figure, disappeared directly, entered the ancient mountain. An invisible pressure from the ancient mountains diffuse out, thousands of miles of land are trembling, the hearts of all people also tremble. Inside the ancient mountain, the purple light is towering, the peerless power envelops the endless region, even if it is far apart, but the people of Shenshou Villa feel that the earth under their feet is constantly trembling, and even, there are faint cracks. Boom! Horrible and oppressive breath enveloped everyone, the scene in the ancient mountain they could not see, finally, endless purple light straight into the sky, purple emperor's figure appeared there, gorgeous purple seems to be shattered, it seems a little awkward, his eyes are purple light, looking at the ancient mountain below, look very ugly. Can't the Purple Emperor get in? The hearts of the crowd are trembling, if the purple emperor can not set foot in it, the presence of the immortal emperor, afraid that no one can enter. Purple emperor seemed to refuse to accept, once again stepped into the ancient mountain, the oppressive breath swept the sky again, not long after, purple emperor came out again, this time he did not continue to insist,Drive in racking system, but returned to the magic hand villa, face is very ugly. You go in and try. The purple emperor said to a strong immortal king beside him, and the man stepped out and headed for the ancient mountain. Everyone looked over there and paid great attention to it.

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