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If I were your angel txt format

"Chinatsu" gazing at her deeply he called her name softly with deep tenderness and love in his deep voice I like you Chinatsu's whole body suddenly shook Before she could react something warm gently covered her lips Gentle soft feeling Like the first breeze of the morning It's like a feather falling from an angel His breath filled her senses and made her face burn and her heart beat so fast that she forgot to breathe Is this feeling a kiss For a moment time seemed to stand still It's just him and her Just him and her The whole world whirled into a gorgeous blur so sweet that she was dizzy As if only a second and as if after a century Lanluo finally let go of Chinatsu Looking at Chinatsu who Cosmetics Materials was still in a trance he could not help smiling and reaching out to rub her long hair Back to the soul Chinatsu! Slowly back to God on his expectant eyes Chinatsu lips moved but a word can not be squeezed out How did this happen Why is there a mess in your head Why is the face still very hot so hot that the whole person seems to be enchanted and unable to move She stared at him What should she say "Xiaoxia" At this chaotic moment a voice as gentle as water came from the other end of the Avenue When Chinatsu heard the sound he saw a familiar white figure coming towards her It's Chu Wenye! "Xiaoxia why did you come here Let me find it easily" The show is about to start Didn't you say you would cheer for me Let's go Chong Lan Luo nodded slightly and without waiting for Chinatsu to open his mouth Chu Wenye pulled her to the square This Lo Chinatsu looked at Lan Luo You go I'll come back to you tomorrow Lan Luo smiled and waved Wait for two people to have walked out a few paces far blue Luo suddenly strides to catch up with again both hands embrace the shoulder of Chinatsu intimately Remember you still owe me an answer Leaning down he whispered in her ear The breath that blew past her ears made her tremble slightly Sorry we have to go Chu Wenye stood in front of Lan Luo He was still smiling but the smile did not reach his eyes and his deep eyes were filled with some deep emotions Lan Luo looked at him for a few seconds spread his hands and made a gesture of "please" to him It's finally going to start Chu Wenye you and me who will win Watching the figures of the two men disappear on the Avenue a provocative smile appeared on Lan Luo's handsome and cool face Walking into the square the lively atmosphere came in waves Doubtful Chemicals Suppliers how can people around look at her and Chu Wenye with some strange eyes Following their eyes and lowering their heads Chinatsu was startled Oh no the night is still holding his hand Quietly Chinatsu wanted to pull his hand out But it didn't work The hand that held her instead clenched more firmly Night Chinatsu gently called Chu Wenye's name and motioned him to let go But he did not seem to hear but pulled her forward Walk through the crowd all the way to the stage in the center of the square He never let go of her hand Saya where have you been Hurry up to the backstage and wait for the show It's your turn soon! Qin Feng who was in charge of organizing the performance rushed over as soon as he saw them Dodo Online (wwwododocn) -- Duoduo Library wwwododocn to see more good books provide TXT format download if you need other formats of books you can leave a message in the layout will meet your needs at the fastest speed -- If I Were Your Angel Knight and Prince's Confession (5) "Chinatsu" Chu Wenye let go of holding Chinatsu's hand "please watch my performance" He looked at her with a gentle tone of determination and solemnity that no one noticed I will Chinatsu nodded vigorously and patted his chest I'm sure I'll give you a big round of applause and cheer for you Quietly gazing at her brilliant smile Chu Wenye's lips finally burst into a faint smile Turning he walked backstage Night Chinatsu looked at Chu Wenye's back and scratched his hair doubtfully Why is his expression so solemn as if what he is going to do next is a very important thing What is the program he is going to perform The stage lights all went out in a flash The sudden darkness made people cry out in surprise But immediately everyone's attention was attracted by a beam of light appearing on the stage Under the dazzling lamp post there stands a white and slender figure Detergent Chemicals The light reflected on his body creating a dreamlike scene with a faint smile on his face elegant as the brightest moonlight The crowd was stunned at first and then the storm-like applause and cheers spread around like shock waves It is the "Prince" of Xinghai-Chu Wen Ye Ye! This is his first public performance with a low profile I wonder what program he will present to you It's so much to look forward to Everyone's eyes were staring at Chu Wenye on the stage like a searchlight for fear of missing a small detail Ah he raised the microphone in his hand! The crowd held their breath and the whole audience was so quiet in an instant that they could hear a pin drop clearly Said the raindrop The rainbow is the miracle of the sky Said the gravel Pearls are the wonders of the sea A magnetic clear sound comes out of the microphone Wow everyone gasped What a beautiful voice I didn't expect their president to sing so well that he didn't lose to the current idol singer at all Really have you Qin Feng unexpectedly can persuade the small night to sing you this organization minister can really not cover Zuo Mu who was in charge of stage supervision was surprised to pat Qin Feng beside him Didn't Saya say she wouldn't sing in public I don't know how Qin Feng did it

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