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After a lot of walk-on days, she can't do anything else. There are only two things she can do, hardship and filming. Now she has suffered much less than before. The only thing she has to do is filming. If she can't even do this well, then the person she is most sorry for is herself before. Besides, she is not filming for others, but for her own dreams. So when she works with a director like Shi Hongsheng who has requirements for actors, she will not worry, she will only be happy. ———— In the afternoon, Ran Xia arrived at the set by car. The big company's big production was really different from the grass team. Ran Xia just got out of the car, turned around and looked around, and smelled a stink of money from the pile of scenery. The staff member who came to pick her up led her all the way to the dressing room. Not the same. It's really different. Single dressing room, exclusive makeup artist, independent lounge. High character, high enjoyment, the treatment of the heroine is different. Ran Xia's heart is surging and his surface is calm. As an actor, apart from anything else, the appearance of not seeing the world can not be seen. After the makeup was done, she followed the staff all the way to the studio without squinting and took makeup photos. It was only here that she met Shi Hongsheng, who had been told by Lian Sisi. And Fu Langyan on the other side. Seeing Fu Langyan,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, Ran Xia turned around and wanted to go straight to the photographer, but was shouted on the spot. Ran Xia. Ran Xia stiffened his neck and turned to look at the past, following the sound. Fu Langyan continued, "Come here." Shi Hongsheng, who was standing side by side with him, also looked over and said as Ran Xia approached, "Is this the little girl you said?" "Yes,38 needle valve," said Fu Langyan, "she is the newcomer signed by Gao Wang. Gao Wang has confidence in her. When the words fell, he just looked at Ran Xia, but could not be checked. Shi Hongsheng couldn't help looking her up and down: "This dress suits you very well." In the past two years, the costume drama has become popular again, the enthusiasm of the audience has risen, and many companies have changed their projects to this type of script. Huachen is no exception this time. But unlike the wanton publicity of the female partner in "Origin", Ran Xia's role this time is a cold and powerful immortal, so the shape is quite different from before. She was dressed in a snow-white robe, the material of which was decorated with complex gold thread, and the primitive pattern was more elegant under the light. In order to fit people, her makeup is very light, and her headdress only uses a jade hairpin to tie up her long hair, stainless steel tube fitting ,tube fitting manufacturer, but it is still amazing. Just walking from the door to here, Ran Xia has attracted the attention of many people. I go, that is that Ran Xia, this modelling is too immortal! "Oh my God, it's really beautiful. I thought her picture was photoshopped." She is not only good-looking, but also has a good figure. Look at that waist! Really, Ran Xia's life is so perfect. By this time Ran Xia had already walked up to the two of them and stood still. Hearing this, he bowed slightly and said, "Thank you, Teacher." Shi Hongsheng is old, his hair is gray, but he is in good spirits, and his eyes are different from those of ordinary old people. His face is thin, and when he doesn't smile, his lips are slightly pulled down, making him look a little difficult to get along with. Remembering Lian Sisi's description of Shi Hongsheng, Ran Xia was waiting for his teachings. Listen to Lang Yan, you are very good, "Shi Hongsheng nodded," I am also very optimistic about you, take a good shot. " Is it that simple? Still so kind? It's not quite what I imagined. Ran Xia looked at Fu Langyan and saw the latter motioning slightly on his chin. Then he said, "I will. The teacher and teacher Fu will talk first. I'll go and take pictures." "Go." Ran Xia took his clothes back along the original road and communicated with the photographer. Having had several experiences, she was not so nervous about taking makeup photos this time, and had leisure to observe the surrounding movement when the photographer looked down at the camera. It wasn't long before she saw a man with a work card hanging around the studio, not knowing what he was looking for, looking around all the time. Ran Xia was just about to take a closer look when he looked at each other from a distance. Seeing her, the man was stunned at first, then hurriedly turned around and walked forward. But without taking two steps, he was stunned again. Ran Xia subconsciously glanced in the direction he was facing. Then I saw the man who was absolutely impossible to ignore. Fu Langyan. I have to say, this man is damn handsome. But if it was the crew, why did they react like that when they saw Fu Langyan? Ran Xia turned back and found that the man's line of sight switched back and forth between her and Fu Langyan many times, finally showing a thoughtful expression, and then left the scene in a hurry. Hi? Friend, you are on duty, can you still leave early? Or is it not the staff..? Ran Xia blinked. A familiar sense of foreboding came over me. Annoyingly, her premonitions come true every time. In less than forty minutes, Zhang Jin walked into her exclusive lounge with her mobile phone. He did not know that his image at this moment was wavering in Ran Xia's heart, one angel and one devil. Brother Jin, I advise you to be kind. Zhang Jin said he wanted to be a devil. He said the words that Ran Xia had just got rid of: "Xia Xia, you're on the hot search again." Ran Xia: ".." Why. Why do netizens just refuse to let me go. Add more tonight ~ Chapter 36 [Second Watch] Thinking of the sneaky man before, Ran Xia has guessed that the content of this hot search should be related to Fu Langyan. But after reading the hot search content, she found that some media workers are now relying on imagination to eat. # Ran Xia Fu Lang Yan Huachen New Play # The microblog on the top of the hot search square in the topic is an article with the title: "Ran Xia and Fu Langyan appeared in Huachen New Drama Group at the same time,ball valve manufacturer, suspected of playing the male and female protagonists respectively.". The mindless news has already broken through the 20,000 mark in the comment section. Ran Xia went in casually. Ran Xia and Fu Langyan? Hua Chen is too good at making trouble, actually put these two people together? 。

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