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Faced with the change of weather, the Na'vi people can not cope with it. If the temperature continues to drop, the bushes and animals around the home trees will be frozen to death. Han Fan and Jie Juan can not move the body, Zhuo Luo action inconvenience, Meng Xiang will let Mu Feier take care of them, and let Zhou Lina armed with Gauss sniper rifle always alert. Of the four electromagnetic bombs exchanged, only one is left now, but the power of the Gauss sniper rifle is amazing, and the electromagnetic bombs fired by it, even the holy clothes, can not resist. Zhou Lina shot 3, and her sniping skills and mastery of the Gauss sniper rifle were greatly improved. She was confident that she could accurately shoot objects over 1 km. In the cold wind, Meng Xiang stood on the tree pole of the broken home tree, which was nearly 3 meters high from the ground. The cold wind was blowing, but he was as steady as Mount Tai. Zhou Lina was lying on the edge. She had been monitoring the movement in the distance with the lookout of the Gauss sniper rifle. She seemed to be unable to bear loneliness. She stretched out her little hand to wipe her cheek, exhaled bursts of white gas, and shrank her body: "It's so cold. It would be better if there was a big Mao coat." Pandora has no winter, and the Na'vi have nothing to keep out the cold. Meng Xiang's physique is extraordinary, and he has the spirit to protect himself, which he turned a blind eye to, but Zhou Lina's physique is not much better than ordinary people, her clothes are thin, although Meng Xiang has put on all the spare clothes for her, she is still cold and trembling. Han Fan and others are all hidden in the fallen branches of the home tree, taken care of by Mufei, and now the only one who can help him is Zhou Lina. This little girl, who has been shouting to be a beautiful magician, is the happy fruit of the unknown team. When she is still a newcomer, she dares to contradict Ding Jie. Her shrewish and lovely xxìng case has always been treated as a little sister by the public,Flush Retrofit Kit, and everything is accommodated to her. Lena, what do you want to do when you get back to the real world? Meng Xiang asked softly as he gazed into the distance. It's nothing. Anyway, I've dropped out of school. Mom and Dad are often away from home. Or I died. After the first seven days, they don't know yet. Zhou Lina said gloomily, which made people feel a little uncomfortable. Meng Xiang is speechless. There are so many children like Zhou Lina in the real world. In order to make a living, their parents neglect to take care of them. As a result, the children rebel, lead the way, and associate with the small hoodlums in society. Naturally, they don't want to stay in school. However,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, if I return to the real world, I believe I already know the powerful magic, then I don't have to be with those big brothers in society, because I am better than them, haha. Big brother, will you go back with us? I said I'd be your girlfriend. Meng Xiang smiled: "I also said that this matter will be discussed 10 years later. Besides, if you accumulate 10 million points, maybe your strength is already above me, and then you will look down on me." "No, you are different. Even if you are not strong, I also like you. Although you are not handsome and have no money, your xxìng is very mmí." "Is it?"? What am I? "Do not admit defeat, do not fear the strong, do not bully the weak, rate X xìng, the most important thing is, in order to protect friends at the expense of life." Zhou Lina said endlessly. After she finished, Meng Xiang touched his head and said with some embarrassment: "Don't say me so well. Forget the rest. The last one, my life is always the most important. I won't die for you, ha ha." "Ha ha, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, or you are cute like this." Zhou Lina looked back and smiled, smiling so naturally that Meng Xiang was stunned. The first sentence that appeared in her mind was: "This little girl is much more mature than when she just entered the world of reincarnation." Maturity is not age, but psychology, not only Zhou Lina, even Mu Feier, Han Fan, their mentality has been sublimated to the level of the world's senior reincarnation. After this battle, as long as you return to the main God space to strengthen, the unknown team will become strong. The temperature is getting lower and lower, faintly, pieces of snow fluttering down, unconsciously, the original green leaves of the jungle, has gradually turned white. If this continues, the whole forest will freeze to death. Meng Xiang looked into the distance with sharp eyes and said coldly, "It seems that the two strong men of the Beihai Team have already moved foolishly. They spent such a huge amount of time to make this snow. Are they going to hide their momentum and ambush me?"? Or do you want to freeze us to death? Haha, they may be stupid enough to choose the latter, but to be honest, I'm really going to die of cold. Three kilometers away, there seems to be a figure flashing, big brother, they seem to deliberately lead you out, if you go to meet the enemy, they come to attack us, what should we do? "Naruto's shadow Fen Shen and the body of the distance can not exceed 3 OO meters, so do not worry, as for the White Bird Saint, his individual strength or less than Naruto, but a wide range of lethality, it is unbearable.". But the war has come to an end, they will not split up, because they and I alone, there is no certainty of victory over me, and my degree, but above them, so they will not risk.. Meng Xiang took off his coat, revealing his scarred body. He put his clothes on Zhou Lina and said: "Lina, if the Beihai team is close, or you have shot the last bullet, hurry back to Han Fan's place. There are dozens of Na'vi soldiers to protect them, and the location is hidden. It will take them some time to find it, 3 kilometers.." I'll go and meet them first. Beihai team's strong dare not close to the home tree, in addition to fear of Meng Xiang, but also afraid of other reincarnation weapons, not to mention they do not know the hiding place of reincarnation, so they can only test outside. For Meng Xiang, can choose not to fight, anyway, tomorrow they will return, but, from the mouth of Mufei son to know how the two strong unscrupulously hurt them, and then count before the play Nong, was calculated, he absolutely can not swallow this bad breath, and, in the face of strength is not stronger than his opponent, how can he escape? Three kilometers away, in a forest, Naruto's three shadows are on guard outside, while the body stays with Vic. Naruto wiped his hands and said, "Hey, do you want to freeze me to death?"? No more snow. Vic opened his eyes and said coldly, "I've been chased by those beasts these two days. My snow,Self-closing Faucet, besides hiding my momentum, can also drive those beasts away.". Pandora has no winter, and the jungle is most afraid of the cold. 。

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