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6 Prewriting Techniques to Help you Get Started

Prewriting is an important phase of writing and something that many students try to ignore. Blame the deadlines or shortage of time, students always try to start with the writing without proper planning and organization of thoughts and ideas. The standard length of an explained summary can shift and depend on an essay writer with your writing piece. If you follow a proper essay outline it help you write your essay much easier, while ensuring a logical flow. This often results in disoriented essays and low marking. To avoid this fate, many students employ experiences essay writers and services that offer essay writer services for their academic work. Besides working with a professional resource, you can choose a functional prewriting activity out of the ones that we have discussed below.




Listing or brainstorming is a great way of getting started with your work. Think about the topic and list down all the ideas that come in your mind. Do not stop and do not look back to say if the ideas or topics make sense. Just write down everything and make an exhaustive list. After making the list. Group relevant ideas together and name it. Once you have made the groups, you will be having several ideas tied together.



Freewriting is a great technique to get some great essay topic ideas. Focus on your essay’s topic and write non-stop for specific time. Ideally, this specific time can last from ten to fifteen minutes and during this time, your focus should be on writing only. Even if you do not have anything to write about, just keep writing down your thoughts until an idea comes into your mind.


Reading and Research:

Reading and doing initial research are a writer’s two best friends. Read as much as you can about the topic and this reading does not have to be related to your topic only. Look through the idea groups that you have made and read closely related research and papers. Doing your research before writing the essay will help you see how others have tackled this topic and will give you ideas about working on it. In case you’re still facing difficulty in writing, it’s better to contact companies that will cater all your write my essay requests instead of risking your grade.


Outline and Organization:

Writing an essay without making the outline first is like doing something without proper and targeted focus. Once you have gathered the ideas, organize them into a workable outline and make it detailed and well rounded. Making the outline will help you in staying focused and you will be able to complete yo0ur essay in less time.



Looping is a time consuming technique and we suggest that you go with it only if you have ample time for it. It is an extended form of freewriting and the writer freewrites about the ideas that have been discovered as a result of the initial freewriting activity. At the end, you will have several well-defined ideas to work on and choose from.


The Journalist’s Questions:

Just like a journalist investigates a matter and searches for answers to his what, why, how, where, when and who questions, the writer investigates the essay topic in the same manner. Write the topic on the paper and research about these questions for example “how to write a term paper”. Make points about the ideas that you would like to add in each question. Prewriting is as important as writing itself in an essay writing service. Therefore, instead of just jumping to the writing part, invest some time thinking and planning about your essay.


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