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Dalan Dalan

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  Member Since : 16 July 2021  (Abohar )

Rules for writing articles
If you are an aspiring author, only select topics that you are well versed in. Do not try to cover several different topics in one article. Try to express your thoughts in simple language.

Do not write long paragraphs - maximum 500-600 characters, follow the rhythm of the text - alternate simple short and long complex sentences. Avoid using cliches and cliches, such as "as everyone knows" or "is the place to be." Avoid repeating the same words in the same paragraph. By the way, the best journalists and editors work in the essay writing service experiences reddit, where you can always contact.

Separate blocks of text according to meaning and use subheadings for each of them. When writing an instructional article, list all the steps one by one in the order in which they are performed. If this is a collection article, the semantic text blocks can usually be arranged in any order.

The optimal article size for a site is considered to be 5-10 thousand characters. If you are writing a publication in Yandex.Zen, 2-3 thousand characters are enough.

Article structure
Any article consists of a title, introduction, body and conclusion. The headline and first lines are of the utmost importance.

The purpose of a headline is to grab the attention of readers. After reading the title, the visitor should understand what the article will be about, become interested in the topic and immediately start reading the first paragraph. The headline should be short, simple, and understandable. To make it more catchy, you can use one of the following elements:

Question. For example, a title might sound like this: "Where can I get ideas for articles?"
The number. Example: "25 ways to find an idea for an article."
Amplifiers, that is, words that increase the effectiveness of the headline. For example, captioning the text “How to write a quality article if you’re not a copywriter?” Will attract the attention of someone who is not a professional in writing texts.

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