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Before Christmas, find out how to organize children's toys

Do you love to see your children happily running around the house and having fun, but you don't know how to organize the toys they leave behind?


Do not worry! There are many options for organizing children's toys that will keep the little ones entertained when it comes to picking them up. Plus, these ideas are super helpful now that your kids are doubling their toy collection.

Before starting, separate the toys in the company of your child . Choose the ones you use the most from the ones you no longer use, as well as the ones that have a fault or are broken, then divide them by type and size. Those that you no longer use but are in good condition can be converted into extra income through Vivanuncios.

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The alternatives are several: from placing labeled baskets and accommodating them on a piece of furniture and buying hollow stools for small toys, to creating a toy chest made especially according to the tastes of your child.

Here are two alternatives that you can create in the comfort of your home.

Trunk trunk

  • One meter tree trunk
  • Hingesshutterstock_137367965
  • 2 thin chains 40 centimeters long
  • 4 screws
  • Wood varnish
  • Chisel
  • Electric wood saw
  1. Divide the log horizontally, leaving one half larger than the other.
  2. Use the chisel to remove most of the inside of the logs, leaving only the shell.
  3. Make sure you don't overdo it to make them sturdy.
  4. Join both timbers with the hinges and screwing the ends of the chains on only one side of them.
  5. Finally, varnish the trunk, let it dry, and store the toys there.

Basketball with stuffed animals

  • 4 pillowcases or a sheet that you no longer useshutterstock_128455745
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Closing
  • Needles
  • Wide Rim Basketball Backboard
  1. In case of being with pillowcases, cut the opposite end to the open part of these and join them until a long tunnel is formed with them. If it is with the sheet, sew the two longest sides until it is tubular.
  2. Put the zipper on only one end of the fabric tunnel and sew the side that is open to the hoop of the basketball hoop.
  3. Place the basket in your children's room at an appropriate height and have fun with them throwing their stuffed animals for fun and keep your house organized. When they need to remove them, they just have to open the zipper underneath and voila!

Now that you know, choose the way you like best to organize children's toys so that they learn to collect them quickly and fun. Let's do it!


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