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ajay amitabh suman

About me

  Member Since : 12 July 2008  (New Delhi)



A lawyer having more that 16 years of experience in Intellectual Property Right (trademark, copyright, design, patent law) based in Hon'ble High Court of Delhi.

Represented many brands in Court, viz: L’Oreal, Garnier, Rayben, Lacoste, C.K., Calvin Klein, Correlle, Ray Ben,Skull Candy, Louis Phillippe, Van Heusen, Peter England, Ikea , P.P.Jewellers, St.Ives, Jollen .Inc, Dandi Salt, S.Oliver , Inter Ikea, ,Kamdhenu. Ispat, Ecolab, Pachranga Pickles, India Gate Basmati Rice , Lancome Cosmetics, Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klien, Lacoste, Skull Candy, Peter England, Allen Solley, Fuel, Van Heusen  etc.

Had been featured member of lawyersclubindia for the month of May 2017-September 2017. 

Had been regularly briefing matters regularly to Senior Advocates namely Dr.  Abhishek  Manu  Singhavi,   Shri  Arun  Jately,   Shri Mukul Rohtagi, Shri Amarjit Singh Chandioke, Shri Sudhir Chandra ,Shri Rajiv Nayar, Shri Neeraj Kishan  Kaul, Shri Valmiki Mehta, Shri Chetan Sharma, Shri Harish Malhotra, Shri Jayant Bhushan, Amit Sibbal, Akhil Sibbal, Sohail Dutt, Shri Ranjeet Singh, Smt. Indu Malhotra, Mrs. Pratibha M Singh, Shri Sanjeev Sindhvani etc.

Few of my year wise reported Judgments are:-www.legalcrystal.com/1118119, 2005 PTC (31 )635 (DEL), 2005 (31) PTC 693 (IPAB), 2005 (31) PTC 704 (IPAB) ,  2006 (32) PTC (SC) 1= AIR 2006 SC 730, 2006 (32) PTC 713(DEL), 2006 (33) PTC  118(REG),2007,(34)PTC(DEL)392,2007(35)PTC50(DEL),142(2007)DLT724=LC2007(2)269=2007(35)PTC95(Del),2008(36)PTC(DEL),2008(36)PTC289(DEL),2008(102)DRJ503=LC2008(3)62=2008(37)PTC24(Del), 2008(37) PTC 288 (DEL),2008(38) PTC 109(DEL), 2008 (38) PTC 267(DEL) , 2008(100)DRJ759, 2009 (40) PTC 267, 2009(41)PTC385(Del)= MANU/DE/4819/2009, 2009 (41) PTC 630 (Del),2010 (42) PTC 359 DEL, 2010(43) PTC 26 (Del), 2011(45) PTC 164 (Del), 2011 (45) PTC 533, 2012 (50) PTC 560 Del, 200 (2013) DELHI LAW TIMES 23 (CN), 2013 (55) PTC 354 (DB),  2014(57) PTC 475 (Del), MANU/DE/1362/2014=2014(59) PTC 628 (Del), 2014 (58) PTC 386(Del), 2014(58) PTC 521 (Del), 2014 (58) PTC 630 (Del), 2014 (59) PTC 159 Del, 2014 (59) PTC 501(Del), MANU/DE/0206/2015, 2015 (61) PTC 507, 2015 (62) PTC 82 (Del), 2015 (63) PTC 87 (Del): MIPR2015(1)0246:, 2015 (63) PTC 121 (Del): MIPR2015(2)1:221(2015)  DLT 606:MANU/DE/2395/2015,https://indiankanoon.org/doc/110302841/:https://lobis.nic.in/ddir/dhc/SAS/judgement/04-12-2015/SAS01122015FAOOS1882015.pdf, MANU/DE/3935/2015, MANU/DE/3714/2015: MANU/DE/0136/2016, 2016 (65) PTC 119 (Del)  (DB) , MANU/DE/0943/2016, MANU/DE/1071/2017, MANU/DE/0275/2017

Attended the annual conference   of   INTA (Intellectual Trade Mark Association), held  at  BERLIN,GERMANY(May 2008).

Attended the annual conference of INTA(Intellectual Trade Mark Association), held  at  WASHINGTON , U.S.A (May 2012).

Delivered the Lecture at Custom Law at Erose Hotel, Nehru Place in the year May 2012, in association with NASCEM, Faridabad.

Participated in IBHA (Indian Beauty & Hygiene Association) conference held on 23.02.2015 , at INDIAN HABITAT CENTRE, New Delhi Delivered Lecture on Workshop on IPR at Hotel Babylon, Raipur, Chhatishgarh on 26.02.2015

Attended Global IP Conference (Organized by ITAG Business Solutions Limited, Kolkata) by  held at Bengalore in the Month of January 2013.

Delivered the Lecture at Custom at Hotel Tunga Regnenga, Nava Sheva, Mumbai in the year April 2014 in association with Jawahar Lal Nehru , Custom House, Mumbai.

Legal Article Published in a Law Journal:

Territorial Jurisdiction of a civil court, Vis-à-vis application filed for registration of Trade Mark, in an Action of Infringement of Trade Mark and Passing off (Published in December 2008 issue of PTC), Trade Marks Laws in India (Published on Lex Aspire Journal, Volume 1, No.6, December 2013).

Appeared and and argued cases before Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, High  Courts( Delhi, Kolkata , Chandigadh, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengalore, Jaipur) , Various lower Courts of Delhi,  IPAB  ( Delhi ,Chennai , Ahmedabad, Mumbai & Kolkatta) , Copyright  Board Of  India, Trade Marks  Registry  (Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai & Ahmedabad ) , National Commission, Delhi, State Commission, Deputy Commissioner of Custom (Surat), Debt Recovery Tribunal, Delhi etc.

Worked on the following Faculties of Law:

Suit of infringement and Passing Off related to Trade mark, Suit of infringement of Copyright,  Suit of infringement of Design, Opposition  proceedings  before Trade marks  registry,  Rectification  proceedings in the Intellectual Property Appellate Board, Rectification Petition in Copyright Board of India, Registration of Copyright, Registration of Design,  Criminal  complaints  related  to  trade  marks/copyrights, Acquaintance with procedural part of patent law, Complaint pertaining to Information Technology Act 2000. 

Cyber Law

Complaint cases pertaining to Information Technology Act 2000, Software  Piracy and software infringement, handling complaint cases before NIXI.

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Right

Also appointed as Local Commissioner By Hon’ble Delhi High Court, Execution of various raids pertaining to Criminal Complaint Cases of copyright and Trade Marks  at various place (Viz;- Ahmedabad, Surat,  Nadiad,  Agra, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Panipat, Sonipat, Faridabad,  Ghaziabad,  New Delhi.)

Custom enforcement/Parallel Import

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights with the help of Custom Authority in India( Visited custom authority at Sachin, (Surat), Delhi etc.




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