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Kush Prajapati
Wrote on 21 May 2015  

The tenant for a pagdi room named on my grand fathers name, who has tow sons. Older one has 4 Sons and 3 daughters and elder one has 3 Sons and one daughter. Due to some disputes grandfather sons want to do the settelment internally by giving some amount to another and so one has to leave the pagdi room. Now elder son has aggred to pay the amount to older son to leave the pagdi room, but childs of older son are not agreeing to leave the room and neither agreeing to pay the amount so that elder son would leave from there. What elder son could do to get out from this situation.

Wrote on 09 April 2015  

The proposed Act appears to be good like many other good pieces of Legislation we have in this country. The problem is implementation, more particularly when State Governments are involved. All builders lobbies have the blessings of ruling party politicians. My experience that AP State Government could not put in place Presidents for Consumer Forums for years. Now coming to operational part,the consumer/victim should be given an opportunity to move a consumer forum/civil court at his choice this will help the consumer to take steps if the Tribunal is not accessible within local limits or in the event if the Tribunal is not made functional due to some reasons. Let there be a choice for the buyer/victim. How a builder can deposit 50% of working capital, it will be a burdensome. While there is an upper limit, there should be minimum, otherwise State governments will misuse the provision.

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