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Wrote on 20 October 2014  

Dear Sir/Madam, I submit my genuine problem for your kind consideration and favorable action. My name is Mr. Suyog Muthanna. I am working as a Store Keeper in MGM1 hotel in Dalhousie City, Dist. Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. My owner’s name is Mr. Rajesh Malhotra.(LALRATTAN CINEMA JALANDHAR) My owner is not paying my salary for the last ten months. He has strong political connections. I belong to the state of Punjab and my owner also belongs to Punjab. I am 52 years old and I cannot fight with Gunda people. I am seeking the help of Government of India/State Government/Labour department/Human Rights organizations/NGOs to help me to recover my salary from my owner. Once I get my salary, I would like to find another job. I request you to kindly help me and I will be ever thankful to you. My mobile number is: 9805232147 PERSONAL REQUEST DEAR HUMAN BEING I AM OSHO LOVER AND FOLLOWER,WE PEOPLE LOVE HUMAN BEING AND NATURE,THATS WHY I AM SPREAD THIS MESSAGE ALL OVER,PLEASE DONT MIND,I WANT PEACE OF MIND,NO FIGHT INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL THANKS (owner name mr rajesh malhotra(md) hotel mgm1(former name hotel chanakya) the mall dalhousie pincode176304 distt-himachal mobile 9872723676

Wrote on 14 October 2014  

Hi, I would like to suggest similar laws as Sexual harassment in Workplace for Workplace Harassment .i.e.Bullying & Mental Harassment at workplace applicable to all genders. Workplace harassment is any unwanted or undesirable conduct that puts down or shows hostility or an aversion toward another person at the workplace. It is an act done by any person at the workplace intending to make the other uncomfortable. Harassment may be by the employers, co-workers, or customers. Workplace harassment may be based on an individual's race, sex, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, marital status, medical condition, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, family, looks or other characteristics protected by law. Bullying involves negative behaviour being targeted at an individual, or individuals, repeatedly and persistently over time. People confuse bullying with Work pressure but these are totally two different things. Penalization of perpetrators must be by heavy monetary compensation to the victim & medical & psychiatric treatment expenses. Employers also must be penalized on similar grounds. India is a developing country & it needs an heathy worplace environment to help the nation to prosper.

Wrote on 19 July 2014  

Whether it is Central or State, the Labour Dept has not availed the latest improvements in communication. Many of them do not have officials e-mails and Fax. As such, the speedy disposal is remote. If something is improved, it is improved keeping in view the Employers and not the workers who are the largest chunk in the industries. Better they address the red-tapism, also friendly assistance to the workforce. Hope colonial system will get changed from the workforce point of view.

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