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Wrote on 13 January 2013  

Can any one give the list of the above said companies?

S.Skanda Raja
Wrote on 04 January 2013  

Only a handful of companies try to establish and improve their business. But majority of the companies use the protection and loop holes in the companies act to swindle the money of the investors. The Government always make a show of taking action after the companies have safely invested their swindled money in some other way and show as if their company is sick. Now our Parliament has enacted a new Act Limited Partnership Act which has extended the loopholes in the Companies Act to swindle the public money to the Partnership business also which was not available till recently.

Wrote on 03 January 2013  

Does the list include Ponzi/MLM virtual companies operating in India? For e.g. Speakasiaonline.com registered in Singapore that operated specifically in India and looted over Rs3500 crores from the public in a single year. It shut down operations in May 2011.

nareshchandra acharya n.b.
Wrote on 26 December 2012  

I am Nareshwara Achary, is there in the list of the vanishing companies, WEST COAST BREWERIES LTD? I have bought 2500 shares of the company long back. I have even lost the share certificates also. I am worried to get my share certificates.

Wrote on 26 December 2012  

As was rightly commented that in India public issues are only to fool the public. The abolition of Controller of Capital issues facilitated much larger frauds on public. Thanks to reforms. I hope the government has delayed this investigation by about five to six years or more. ALWAYS WE LOCK THE STABLE AFTER THE HORSE BOLTED AWAY. We live in A society where wrong doers are allowed to get away.

Wrote on 25 December 2012  


Wrote on 22 December 2012  

Is this a common thing in India. Always the public issues come to fool public and we have it taken it as a norm not to apply for public issue. Because there is no policing and governing in India anymore. It is like jungle so we need to take care of ourselves. Govt does not help or protect citizens but only gives problem.

Capt Sukhdev Singh
Wrote on 22 December 2012  

List of Companies and names of directors be published.

panna lal nawalkha
Wrote on 22 December 2012  

list of companies be published

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