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Wrote on 19 April 2013  

When an ordinary employees gets caught or proved of derelition of duties he is jailed. What about this politicians who have dupes crores of rupees. Better SUPREME COURT gives a judgment banning JAIL in corruption case also for the benefit of the employees at large.

thirupathirao ghanta
Wrote on 08 March 2012  

The supreme court of india once again prooved to be the powerful "Judiciary" system in the world. I think it will embark on new plagued issues to weed out corruption which is monostrous....

Wrote on 09 February 2012  

Good Supreme court has tackled the tip of the Iceberg.When will they CANCEL the people who are involved? It is nice to ask corporate to refund the benefits. What about the people who have taken the bribes? Shouldn't that be the first step?

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