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Wrote on 01 October 2013  

The aim will be successful if we can able to educate the grass root people by initiating & as well reaching to these area by a revolutionary mood.

Wrote on 26 February 2013  

Dear Sir, i seeking advice for cooperative court case, for our housing society dispute pls help me how to proceed rdgs jagruti

Wrote on 05 August 2012  

Respected Sir / Madam, I am Kanchan sharma from India. Please Help Me From the Loss of 12000$. Fraud Ebay seller is still safe and Happy with the money he received and never shipped the Item, but innocence buyer is dying Due to such huge loss. Ebay don`t want to help at all , eBay and Fraud eBay seller is not replying of my Phone calls and Emails. Product Not Received, Not Refunding $12000, Suspended My Account - I want your help to save my hard earned money. As decision of eBay against my refund request (given in the favor of seller) can ruin my whole life. I got neither the product nor my refund. On 16 June 2012, I bought a 250 gm Gold Bar from US eBay on winning an auction with full confidence as I had full trust on their risk protection Policy. I followed all the steps that were required to get buyer protection carefully which proved that my purchase was covered from fraud or disputes, and I made the payment through Moneybookers payment gateway instruction received by eBay. On 04 July,When I did not received the Item after finsh time line, I escalated case to eBay customer support resolution center for refund. On 06 July, eBay made a decision in favor of seller and denied my request of refund. On 06 July, I made an appeal on eBay buyer protection center to reopen my case for right justice and reason to deny my request of refund when my purchase was fully covered from risk. On 07 July, eBay again denied my request of refund and explained the reason that few days back, eBay suspended my eBay user account due to some rules breaching activities and due to suspension of my account, I am not eligible for refund. I asked eBay to explain about what kind of activities they found and why they suspend my eBay account. They replied through phone support that I was keeping more than one eBay account and sold an item from my account to my linked account and that is the fraud for eBay which I never knew. That eBay user agreement has a provision that a person can keep more than one account also their link person can buy an item from seller but they cannot bid or leave feedback and no one linked to me left feedback. Also, I listed my items as Fixed Buy It Now price so no one can bid on my listing too. I paid for all my purchases so what was out of the rule? Why did they suspend my account and not consider my poor condition and my huge loss? Ebay denied to provide me the details of violation in Written . There is no Life Line for innocence people who don`t know about user agreements ?? I declare by heart that I am not a criminal. Also, I never did any fraud or crime to anyone in my entire life. I am an innocent girl. I lost my father during my childhood and worked hard to save money. I invested all my money to buy this deal from eBay. I had a big trust on eBay and now the team of eBay is killing me by giving dramatic excuses to deny their liability. Please help. If I will not get my money back, then I don`t want to live anymore because I cannot bear the shock of loss and in this condition. Thanks Kanchan Sharma PH- 9611870694 ksharma96@gmail.com

adv shiji
Wrote on 05 May 2012  

consumers right to be protected against the unscrupulous acts of the manufacturers . many goods, particularly vehicles and equipments manufacturers not tacking responsibility to redress the grievances of the consumers, in Indiaa marginal farmer , who produces one litter of milk , can be sent t o jail for poor quality of milk under the provisions of food adulteration act while , poor consumers who happens to purchase defective vehicles and equipments has to run pillar to post for the mercy of the manufacturers for getting remedy. most often the plight of the consumer is very pathetic. there shall be a new legislation penalizing the manufactures for manufacturing defective vehicles and failure to replace the defective vehicle.

Member (Account Deleted)
Wrote on 22 February 2012  

" Consumer right to be protected against the marketing of goods and services which are hazardous to life and property;" I have highlighted to the ministry of oil and natural gas how private marketeers are selling filled 4 Kg LPG at the market driven rates of Rs 1250 per cylinder through any PAN SHOP, Utensil shop, electronics goods shop in and around Neredmet Secunderbad, AP-500056,500015. Those filled cylinders are kept in the open outside those utenshil shops alongwith spurious sub-standard 3/5 kg Cylinders fitted with single stoves 9(one can get a filled one from the shop with some premium as well).No safety precaution to market such HAZARDOUS LPG gas IS BEING OBSERVED. Min of Oil and natural gas( represented bya BABU in the rank of an under secy-minister may disown him at any time ) has replied to my complaint that govt of india does not have the power to control such private marketeers. Whereas it is the govt of India min of O&NG which has allowed PSU oil Companies to sell some excess gas to those private marketeers with specific stipulations that safety norms as applicable to PSU oil companies be complied with by the Private marketeers as well. Look at the difference in rates- A 5 KG refil through PSU oil company delivered at home cost Rs 110/-to the registered subscribers.The private marketeers who are supplied with LPG in bulk by those PSUs selling 4Kg refils at Rs 1250/-.None needs post graduation in economics or a IIT/IIIM combo to understand why PDS LPG is always in short supply and why there is dearth in supply of such 4 kg LPG filled cylinders in any PAN sHOPS, uTENSIL shops. I blame the minister and his babus in the ministry of oil & NG , Babu infested Oil PSU companies and the industrialists and their so called regulating body for this loot and scoot at the cost of major fires across the country. Will the sister department take a strong view of this most callous attitude( for receiving bribes)and ensure that this point is discussed and the loopholes plugged? I am not sure whether babus at min of consumer afafirs will ditch their counter parts in min of oil & NG. So we know what will happen to the panel discussion at the cost of govt money.

Member (Account Deleted)
Wrote on 22 February 2012  

"but unfortunately the grassroot level people who are affected to the greatest extent and those who implement the provisions at the grassroot levels are not participating in this congregation , it is also not known that whether the recommendation from various district and state level councils will be considered here,and whether the latest issues to be amended in the principal act will be discussed" This is the in essence the crux of the story which results into failure of the rules/regulations/law enacted by the Babus for the politicial masters of their industrialist friends. Unless we involve masses, the consumers from all walks of lives those coffee table discussion again at the cost of govt money will go in vain as Babus are not interested in the welfare of the consumers but are interested in their own welfare, get a good chit from the politician boss and a good post retirement placement with one of those industrial outfits whom they doled favour. Time has come to crush the babudom with iron resolve and compel them to get out of their airconditioned environs and to meet the consumers outside their protected offices.

Dr.Chandran Peechulli
Wrote on 11 February 2012  

The Commissioner of Police, C No.10505/COP/Visitors/2011 Dated: 5th Dec. 2011 Metropolitan City of Greater Chennai, Office of the Commissioner of Police, CHENNAI-600008. Dear Sir, Subject: CHEATING Senior Citizen & Law abiding Ex-serviceman brought-up in a highly disciplined atmosphere. to a tune of Rs. 26 Lakhs from Father & Son (NRE), luring the customer, owing to poor regulatory mechanism. Accused being encouraged for cheating to grow in the City of Chennai, by Delhi based company UNICON Securities, at Chennai Branch * Known as UNICON Investment Solutions. Our current lack of financial regulations puts the fabric of our whole economy at risk. It is our responsibility to fix the flaws in our foundation so that inspiration, resourcefulness and hard work are not wasted. Pending, since last one year, despite reporting to the office of C.O.P. Ref: C No.10505/COP/ Visitors / 2011 dated 5th Dec.2011.Previous and Ref:261//COP/ Visitors/2011 dt.19-01-2011 and CSR Ref:3219404 CSR/4/G/ BK/11 dated 1st February 2011. NSE Arbitration Ref:CM/C-0035/2011. Accused being encouraged to grow in City. F. I. R. as yet not made, expresses the cloudy and polluted state of affairs. Request Professionally Ethical treatment of people- We have for humble submission, the following:-This is in continuation to my earlier petition dated the 18th January 2011,(Ref:261/COP/Visitors/2011 dt.19-11-2011, soon after my complaint to the regulating authority (S.E.B.i.)Regional Manager (South),dated the 2nd Jan.2011. Your good office, arranged the petition to be received by a Lady Police Officer in Chivvy dress, whose rank was not known, same had to be tracked and found that the same routed to JCP (North), subject cooled down at B1 Police Station at Parry’s Corner, under the influence of Money, Influence and Muscle-Power, unlike sent to Central Crime Branch, in the Police Commissioner’s Office Campus. The file is still active with the office of the ACP Harbour, under FIR Reference, FIR No. received after persistent efforts of insistence No. 3219404 CSR/4/G/BK/11 dated 1st February 2011. Alas, a plot was made on the main accused, Mr.T.Jagadeesan, on 12th Feb.2011, apprehended, caught and let scot-free with political influence, while his phone was going unanswered, along with his associates, (Branch Manager Ashok Amritraj, and Mr.E.Raja) who are at large till date, whose false marketing gimmicks came to light, after taking signature in a tricky manner on their company formats, saying that they will fulfil the paper-work formalities, but with their evil inner heart motives with a conspiracy to cheat. All the three staff of the CHENNAI BRANCH, is absconding to avoid being questioned. I had insisted upon the company to be responsible for the acts of their employees placed in CHENNAI with a modus operandi to cheat the public through unfair trade practices. My humble request, is for your good office to please come to my rescue and as well as in the public- interest, instilling Law and Order, being the cream of national talents, serving for the INDIAN POLICE SERVICES. With due respects, I remain. Sincerely yours, Dr. Chandran Peechulli, Ph.D ; D.Sc., F I E (India), F.I.I.P.E., M.S.E.I., Pg.DIMS(UK), Pg.DTED, MSNAME(US), Fellow - Institution of Engineers (India), Indian Institution of Plant Engineers & Ex. Vice Chairman TN Chapter, Life Member &Ex.Executive Member-Indian Institute of Standards Engineer T N Chapter, Indian Institute of Occupational Health, Mg.Editor& Publisher - “Marine Waves” international maritime newsletter. Corporate-Member-Chennai Press Club. Ex. Chief Engineer (Marine) & General Manager (Tech),Consultant- CeeCee Industrial & Marine Mgt. Consultants, pkc484@yahoo.com, seafarersman@indiatimes.com Address: M107-5, 29th Cross Street, Besant Nagar, Chennai-600090. 044+42018982.

Member (Account Deleted)
Wrote on 09 February 2012  

First thing first - Will it insist on printing of cost of manufacturing on the packet of a product along with the MRP? If not then whole idea of consumer protection proactive activities come to a naught. Second will it submit a curative petition asking the SC of India to clarify how it has given permission to sell a product at a rate above MRPs in some five star restaurants , Airways, Airports etc .Products are sold routinely at a higher price in those places even on board in an aircraft and in the railways platforms and on board trains.Can this be the duty of the consumers to negotiate as is being transmitted 24x7 at the tax payers cost by the ministry of consumer affairs through some JAGO GRAHAK JAGO advts? MRP printed on a product is so obnoxiously high and unreal in comparison to the actual cost of production and the regular sale price that it beats the very concept of printing MRP on that product whereas MALLs and Supermarkets run by our desi Adityas, Ambanies, Godrejs etc etc are taking the consumers for a ride by charging us the MRP printed on a product.Single retails with tie up with our desi business houses are aslo exploiting this situation by printing higher MRPs not commensurate with the cost of the products.Will the CCPC look deep into the maladies?

Anjali Behera
Wrote on 04 February 2012  

It is a mandatory provision under the consumer protection act so it is another milestone in achieving the consumer security and implementation of the various provisions of the act but unfortunately the grassroot level people who are affected to the greatest extent and those who implement the provisions at the grassroot levels are not participating in this congregation , it is also not known that whether the recommendation from various district and state level councils will be considered here,and whether the latest issues to be amended in the principal act will be discussed but I feel it is highly needed that all those who deal with these laws at the lowest levels are able to give feedback and share their experiences about what provisions are really needed rectifications otherwise it will just be another act forced to them to be implemented without answering the real troubles.

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