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Wrote on 24 September 2012  

I have a question. My mother in law gifted her property to her sons and daughters but my husbnad expired this year. As his widow do I have any right to his share in the gift deed?

surjit singh
Wrote on 07 August 2012  

Kindly provide the case number and party name of the matter

Wrote on 24 May 2012  

Can a married son gift his commercial property to his mother ?It is pertinent to mention here that when the property was bought son was not doing any job and maximum amount was borne by his mother,Now as he has dispute with his wife he want to gift this property to his mother

Member (Account Deleted)
Wrote on 26 March 2012  

Can anybody give me the Case No. and year ? Its urgent !

Shantilal Pandya
Wrote on 12 March 2012  

since the gifts were UNCONDITIONAL,they cannot be cancelled

bharati singh
Wrote on 26 February 2012  

If any expired person had purchased land by name of brother & payed by his check thinking his brother & father will give shelter to his wife & son,But after death they fail to do n denied to give the land as it is in their name n deprive deceived son n wife ,Then can this kind of ownership be regained?

Anjaleen Princy
Wrote on 24 February 2012  

Interesting case study to see siblings fight over property.

subhash kulkarni
Wrote on 15 February 2012  

the Asokan is reported in 2007(13)JT 598 : 2007(13) SCR 901 for specially Mr. SudhirghaBasu. OK. wellcome.

subhash kulkarni
Wrote on 15 February 2012  

Referance: Asokan vs.Lakshmikutty &others.Appeal(Civil)No.5942 of 2007 in SLP(CIVIL) 20754 of 2003 by S.B.Sinha & Harjit Singh Bedi on 14th December,2007 Supre Court.

Wrote on 14 February 2012  

Hi,This is regarding my property in Kerala. After my fathers death the property was divided into 3 parts.Myself, mother & son.After that my brother said he does not neeed his share.so it was only in my mothers & my name.The tax for the house is paid im our both names. Recently I found out that my brother has forcibly put pressure on my mother to give part of her share as a gift from me to him. My mom does not want to give it to my brother. Now she wants to give the whole property to me as a gigt. how to go forward with this. I have questions to ask 1. Can the old papers be taken back or destroyed What is the procedure for that. 2. Can my brother claim for the property after my moms death. 3. will the court say it has to be written clearly or need the daughters signature & the sons signature. 4. Can she make a will saying that she wants to give to me (daughter) by her own will & no one has right over it. 5. Can a gift deed be changed. A kerala lawyers answer is needed. Hope to get a clear response.Thanks for reading.

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