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Wrote on 08 December 2011  

The nation can do well without the proposed bill by the government since it is of no use unless covered those who all indulge

Shashikant Patil
Wrote on 05 December 2011  

Group C employees to be brought under this new Lokpal bill most liable staff of the Govt. As their rate of demands of bribe is less than compare to Gp A Gp B. But many times they takes money by telling their bosses share i.e Gp A & B. So the person who pays bribe innocently pays to Babu for their bossess. Person cannot go directly to officer and ask that how much money he wants for his job to be done. Hence nobody should left or escape from this strong Lokpal bill. Even officer's encouraging corruption involving lower staff for their vested interest.

Dr Sachin Udepurkar
Wrote on 03 December 2011  

If only Group A and Group B are brought under the ambit of Lokpal bill then the purpose meant to weed out corruption is not fulfilled as Corruption can exist at any levels. If majority people 60 % is excluded than the whole excercise of proposing and making Lokpal stands irrelevant wherein other way to interpret is are only Group A and B employees (11%) corrupt and are prone for same. As of handling lakhs of officers by 10 member commitee can be worked out by various options (if govt is managing whole country i dont think this can be issue) ...like this 10 members will be core board members of Lokpal and there can be execution commitee comprising of apt resources as per volume of cases on the lines of Fast track court who will be working wherein we can say that Lokpal is common mass friend (PAL) and not the group A/B Pal (friend)..... :) With Regards Dr Sachin Udepurkar

K S GOSWAMI, Advocate
Wrote on 03 December 2011  

If the Lokpal is being constituted only for dealing with the top categories of bureaucrats — Groups A and B — who comprise 11% of central government staff but not for dealing with bureaucrats belonging to Group C staff, who account for 60% of central government bureaucrats and much more in the State Government, there is no necessity of bringing out such Bill. Let it go as is going today without any check and balance. It appears that the majority of the bureaucrats has good nexus with and is under the protective umbrella of the Government and the Government does not want to control over them.

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