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P V Namjoshi
Wrote on 22 August 2011  

Welcome. Things going beyond control. Agitation of Anna & Co,(A&Co,)is leading towards fiasco. Long starched protests never achieve goal. Remember any short and sweet activity has meaning and gains respect from public. Look to the mockery of the agitation that Anna who has crossed 75yers of age is sitting on hunger strike and in fact he is being made scapegoat of this protest game. Rest of the people is only shouting with no aim. The A& Co. is just boosting for its Bill only and has no open mind to hear the view points of other organization men and government. This company has a misunderstanding that its Bill is absolutely perfect and that should be adopted. It also fixes dead line to get passed also. Is it a democratic way to agitate? Anna is being depicted as Mahatma Gandhi. All right it is most ignorable as it does not reflect on any one as it is just a temporary phase and a matter of excitement, surge and emotional feelings only. Thanks to Varun Gandhi who has also moved a private Bill but unfortunately the BJP thinks him to be burden in the party because of fear of losing of Muslim Votes. He was interviewing with one TV channel. Those who had seen must be admiring his way of speaking sobriety and art of convincing .Un fortunately BJP did not show any reaction on the private Bill. Why A & Co. does not move its own private Bill and get it referred to the Standing Committee. Why A & Co. does not believe in Parliamentary process to attend and take part in debate in the Standing Committee. A & Co has totally ignore the constitutional limits, legal aspect and provisions of natural justice in enacting any law and including in its Bill. In fact it appears that the agitation is going out of control of the organizers. It has resulted in national loss of economy and progress. Now diverted activities and time will deflate the same. Let good sense prevail on the A & Co.

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