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Member (Account Deleted)
Wrote on 06 December 2011  

"However, the organisations created for religious purposes and receiving public donations would be outside the purview of Lokpal." None is contesting this clause not even Team Anna. More than half the black money generated in India is actually stashed in the places of worships.Thus this exemption is a lethal blow to the movement to create a corruption free democratic society.

Sandeep A. Pathak
Wrote on 22 August 2011  

This is cheating towards the people of India. This bill is only for government employees only. Primeminister and all MP Are cleverly hide from the bill.

Sh. P Suresh
Wrote on 01 August 2011  

So PM, MPs will veto all prosecutions and fan more corruption themselves. - Anna is right in this aspect and deserves all support.

Wrote on 01 August 2011  

Prevention of Corruption act 1988, form than to till date the Act is not being witnessing any punishments, the corrupt officers and ministers are being escaped each and every time they are caught than what is the meaning of doing one more Lokpal bill , in fact it is better to improve the Act in stronger way ,,,

Member (Account Deleted)
Wrote on 29 July 2011  

Leaving the prime minister is a draw back. Because the prime minister has two capacities. one as minister in his own and a collective responsibilities of cabinet. he has liability of joint and several in nature. judges are protected/punished under judges protection act. regarding judges some secrecy has been maintained. but the judges should not be dealt as like politictions/ministers.

Manjeet Bedi
Wrote on 29 July 2011  

whther it will really work or will remain on papers

Anupam Dwivedi
Wrote on 28 July 2011  

can it be the swift way to get the justice!

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