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G.L.N. Prasad
Wrote on 13 September 2011  

There were several thousand victims in the Country that finds no way to regain property through court in frauds and here the victim is fortunate.

Wrote on 14 January 2011  

Present justice dispensation is virtually heart burning. Judges are expected to be humane and realistic; but unfortunately they also help unfair practices. Thanks for apex court's intervention and I feel the should have directed criminal proceedings against the Brother-in-law of Santosh.

Member (Account Deleted)
Wrote on 29 September 2010  

The present system of appointing Judges of High Courts and Supreme Court should be totally overhauled.

Wrote on 20 August 2010  

it is really such a shame and the HC is only giving the brother inlaw a fine of rs25000 which is nothing as compared to this women suffering so many yrs.

Wrote on 15 May 2010  

JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. This phrase is very much in practice in current arena when the independance of the judiciary has become a question before the country. Citizens are loosing faith in the judicial system of the country owing to the delay in judgements and cost involved

Wrote on 12 February 2010  

It is a matter of regret that courts remain silent spectator when witnesses speak blatant lies and lawyers harass witnesses. Many judges are afraid to come to the rescue to witnesses. This is a sorry state of affairs. There is a saying " PEOPLE ARE CLOSER TO TRUTH AND COURTS CLOSER TO FACTS". The courts more anxious to protect the rights of accused; but not the victims.

Amitabha Gupta
Wrote on 11 February 2010  

this could have been done by the high court also but now a days high court judges are behaving like district court judges. they fear to pass any order against the bureaucrats and for cause of justice . they have made article 226 of the costitution a dead letter of law. they have reduced the extraordinary jurisdiction to most ordinary jurisdiction. for them alternative remedy, delay have become divine words for denying relief to the poor illiterate citizen. nothing better can be expected from these high court judges who have been elevated after practising as govt advocates having no background of a single private brief. a person who has never seen the plight of a common man are delivering justice now a days. if lawyers do not awake very soon a system of judicial bureaucracy would emerge in our country.

Anil Agrawal
Wrote on 11 February 2010  

The brother-in-law deserves jail. The less said about HC and trial courts the better. They take such chastising in their strides and life goes on.

Bhartiya No. 1
Wrote on 11 February 2010  

Very humanistic observation/approach by Hon'ble SC. This will boost the morale of the weaker section. Can any one post the complete judgement please.

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