Five Indian inventions win U.S. patent

Five inventions by a New Delhi resident named Anadish Pal have won patent from the United States government, Navbharat Times reported on Sunday. The inventions are a three-dimensional mouse, motor pump alarm, robotic platform, pollution free engine, and an electrical powered personal vehicle which is even smaller than the world's smallest, Tata's Nano car. The paper reported that the usefulness of these items are that they have the potential to make life of common man far simpler. A dropout medical student, Mr. Pal reportedly contacted various Indian agencies with his inventions. Despite his efforts, only one project drew interest from the Indian Ministry of Science and Environment. Mr. Pal said that none of his inventions can be made without help. So, he has now sent proposals to various Indian ministries in this regard, according to the report. The laptop mouse in use faces problems like processing satellite pictures like Google Earth while zooming in and out. The newly invented mouse will not face such obstacles. So the mouse could prove beneficial to air force pilots. The second discovery, Personal Mobility Vehicle, is similar to a Golf Car. It is compact, electrical powered and pollution free. The two-seater's top speed is 30 kilometers per hour. It can be used as a metro feeder. It can cost up to 500 U.S. dollars once it is put into in market. As for the use of Motor Failure Alarm, Mr. Pal said we now could only know a failure in motor of a water pump only after it is damaged. But the alarm will signal the possible problem a month or two in advance. The devise will also pinpoint if the problem is mechanical or electrical. The Efficient Energy Engine can be used to generate electricity at home and in hybrid cars. It is packed with generator as well as an engine. Robotic Platform can be used to construct military vehicles in short time. It can be used to reduce wheel base.
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