CBI SMS campaign for anti-corruption

CBI SMS campaign for anti-corruption WITH THE hope to bring down corruption levels, the Anti-Corruption Bureau of the CBI has launched a SMS campaign in Tamil Nadu, which is creating an awareness among the public who are at a loss when faced with corrupt government employees who harass them and ask for bribes. Therefore, the CBI has tied up with major cellular service providers to send SMS messages to their customers about information on whom to contact when faced with such a problem. The campaign was launched on August 1, which has already reached more than 80 lakhs cell phone customers. Two messages are sent out to mobile customers. Message 1: To fight corruption, inform SP CBI, Chennai in 94447 70937/ 24916257 on demandof bribe/corrupt practice/huge assets owned by central government servants. Message 2: Fight against corruption: complaints about central government offices/ banks/public sector units. Contact SP CBI, ACB: Call: 044-28255899 . SMS to 94440 49224 or send email to sp1acchn@cbi.gov.in. This campaign has received an overwhelming response from the public in Tamil Nadu and more people are coming forward to share their experiences with the investigating agency. Senior officials are said to be personally attending the calls, SMSs and e-mails from the public. According to the CBI, they get around 200 calls a day from all over Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, apart from around 40 text messages and e-mails everyday. They also get a great deal of valuable information about corrupt officials and those with inappropriate wealth. The CBI in turn process and check the genuineness of the calls and messages. Corruption is the bane of Indian society and does need a makeover. Nothing can be done without greasing the palms of government employees. It is indeed disgusting how the employees from the lower posts and their immediate seniors are all hand in glove in this practice and share the loot. The ration card, which is the main identity in India can be bought for a price. This card apart from being used to buy food provisions on subsidised rates, is also a credential to get all other benefits like passport, voting card, bank accounts, gas connections, bank accounts and many more. This ration card is of prime importance to our security can be bought by refugees and terrorists. Hence, corruption facilitates terrorism. The road transport authorities in different states is another corrupt department and it is easy to a get driving licenses by bribing the appropriate officials. The government health segment without doubt is another corrupt area where the poor are fleeced to even get admitted into the hospital. Name any sector and corruption is there rearing its ugly head! It is heartening to note that even students are coming forward to fight corruption. A student of Kapol Vidyanidhi International School, Mumbai, along with a few pass-outs who are now in college, has formed a group called Young India. With the help of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, they have decided to create awareness among school students. ASP Parande said, "This will be a unique experience because it is for the first time that students have approached us." In a country like ours, where corruption has become a way of life, this anti-corruption campaign to curb corruption is most welcome. Just when we thought that all was lost, we do see a little flicker of light at the end of the dark tunnel!

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