Madras High Court passes an order to ban the Tik Tok app

The Madras High Court has ordered the state authorities to put prohibition upon downloading the TikTok mobile application.

A writ petition filed in the Madras High Court has highlighted a dangerous issue. The writ petition is to direct to take appropriate action against the respondents and ban the tiktok app which contains degrading culture and encouraging pornography beside that it causes social stigma and medical health issues between teenagers.

Agreeing with the petitioner, the court noted that it is clear from media reports that pornography and inappropriate contents are made available in these kinds of applications. Further, there is a possibility of children getting in touch with strangers directly and luring them.

The petitioner stated in his arguments that application has been created by Byte Dance, a China Company which has spread like a virus and more than 500 millions of people are using this application.

The Court raised a query that whether the Central Government will enact a statute like Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act like it has been enacted by the United States.

In addition, the Court considered few reports like of a fifteen-year-old who committed suicide for being scolded for using TikTok application, and a man falling while taking a selfie for TikTok video in a waterfall.

While giving an order to ban TikTok application, the bench stated that before any more tragic incidents occur the government needs to take appropriate steps. It is the social responsibility of the government to keep a check on such applications and also take action against these persons who are making use of it.

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