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Merely Because DNA Report Does Not Establish Paternity Is No Ground For Release On Bail

 05 September 2020

In a well-balanced, well-analysed, well-worded and well-reasoned judgment delivered by a woman Judge named Justice Bharati Dangre of the Bombay High Court in a latest, landmark and laudable judgment titled Vaibhav Bhanudas Ubale Vs The State of Mah

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Transfer of criminal case from Bombay to Delhi

 27 August 2020

The court observed that normally the complainant has the right to choose any court having jurisdiction and the accused cannot dictate where the case against him should be tried.

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Indian Evidence Act, 1872- Section 27- Shri Silash Singh Kurid v. The State

 20 July 2020

The Trial Court on the examination of the evidence and materials on record held that the circumstantial evidence surrounding the commission of the offence clearly connected the accused persons with the offence and it further ordered conviction under

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Where in a case of murder, the FIR given by the accused contained confession as well as incriminating facts, it was held to be not admissible in evidence

 17 July 2020

Upon hearing the parties to the case, the Court held that the accused was guilty of the offence under Section 302 IPC. However, the capital punishment awarded by the Sessions Court was set aside and life imprisonment was awarded. The Court further

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Social evil of sex-selective abortion and the grave need to undertake measures to resolve the same

 11 July 2020

The Court finally held that, when a female foetus is destroyed through artificial means which is legally impermissible, the dignity of life of a woman to be born is extinguished. It corrodes the human values. The Legislature has brought a complete co

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Honour Killing and the need to issue guidelines governing it

 24 June 2020

Honour killing is a social evil that undermines the development of a society. Judicial pronouncements as in the present case and penal laws acts as a tool to evict such evils from the society.

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Whether evidence can be recorded by video conferencing in a criminal trial

 23 June 2020

The Court held that evidence can be recorded by way of video conferencing relying on Section 273 with a different view, stating that where a witness is willing to give evidence an official of the Court can be deported to record evidence on commission

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The judgment of a Criminal Court is not binding on a Civil Court in a subsequent proceeding for succession

 13 June 2020

The Civil Court has the power and jurisdiction to decide the question upon taking appropriate evidence as would be required for passing a declaration in terms of Section 25 of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 to disqualify the husband defendant to inhe

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Genesis and history of criminal procedure in India

 11 June 2020

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Nithari Killings

 20 May 2020

Two Nithari residents claimed in December 2006 that they knew where the remains of children who had gone missing in the previous two years were located: the municipal water tank behind the building. Both had missing daughters and they suspected Surin

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