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Bar against promotion

 15 October 2011

Bar against promotion — in challenge — a chargesheet issued against the respondent for financial irregularities and making fraudulent withdrawals deriving pecuniary gain for himself — departmental enquiry initiated — order of removal from service — c

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Burden of proof of240 days

 15 October 2011

The burden of proof is on the workman to show that he had worked for 240 days in given year. Burden of proof to establish completion of 240 days of work within a period of 12 months preceding the termination lies on workman not on the management.

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Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 : Sections 2(oo) and 25-F.

 15 October 2011

Retrenchment-Sugar Factory-Workmen-Working during crushing season only-Cessation of work consequent to closure of season-Held such a cessation is not retrenchment.

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If employee exonerated from criminal case- no reason to continue his name in the list of persons of doubtful integrity

 15 October 2011

Whether order of punishment would come in the way of promotion of the applicant after six years when his name came up for consideration for promotion to the post of Head Constable? - Held, reason that the applicant was facing a criminal case for whic

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Administrative prerogatives cannot stall the rights for promotion

 15 October 2011

District Collector had caused serious prejudice to the petitioner by his not having deputed the petitioner to undergo the one year stint in the post of Rural Welfare Officer Grade II and for the foundation training in the Bhavani Sagar Training Insti

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Minor supression of fact of pendancy of criminal cse is no big issue for appointment

 26 September 2011

Service Laws – cancellation- Cancellation of on the ground that the respondent had concealed the fact of his involvement in the criminal case under sections 325/34 IPC and had made a wrong statement in his application form — the respondent filed wri

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Suitability of the candidate rather than incorrect affidavit to be examined in recruitment

 26 September 2011

the appointing authority has mechanically held that his selection was irregular and illegal because the appellant had furnished an 8affidavit stating the facts incorrectly at the time of recruitment. 1

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Selction without qualification liable for termination

 20 September 2011

The supreme court has held that individuals selected without adequate qualifications are liable for termination at any time.

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confirmation from date of seniority in Employment exchange

 13 September 2011

While regularising the appointments, the date of seniority of the employment exchange shall be the seiority

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Pay protection

 13 September 2011

Pay protection — benefit of — entitlement of — in question — writ petition filed — the High Court held that the appellant is not entitled to pay protection and, therefore, his claim was rejected — the contents of the notification/memorandum clearly s

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