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Injuction in matter dealing with letter of credit

 14 February 2008

The law relating to grant or refusal to grant injunction in the matter of invocation of a Bank Guarantee or a Letter of Credit is now well settled by a plethora of decisions not only of this court but also of the different High Courts in India. In U.

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Major Port Trusts Act, 1963

 14 February 2008

Whether a steamer agent can be construed as owner of the goods carried in his principal's vessel within the definition of owner in relation to goods under Section 2(o) of the Major Port Trusts Act, 1963?

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Andhra Pradesh Land

 13 February 2008

The purpose of the Act is to identify cases involving allegation of land grabbing for speedy enquiry and trial

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Disposal of first appeal

 12 February 2008

he courts should not mechanically dispose of first appeals filed under section 96 of the Civil Procedure Code

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