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When the court admitted the petition and put the party to trial cannot refuse to exercise jurisdiction on the ground of availability of alternative remedy

 16 August 2012

Brief facts to comprehend the disputes are that the petitioner no. 2, a disabled War veteran, was allotted a retail outlet for the sale of petrol and petroleum products by the respondent no.1, Indian Oil Corporation, at Gurgaon Road, near Palam New D

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A contract of Marine Insurance will be a wagering contract only when an assured has no insurable interest

 14 August 2012

The petitioner is a limited company, engaged in the manufacture and sale of metalized and coated films and papers. On 13th May, 2002 the petitioner agreed to purchase one vacuum metallizer (Machinery) from M/s Valmet General Limited, England for a to

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If the petitioner fails to submit the supporting document after giving proper opportunity appeal deserve to be dismissed

 09 August 2012

The facts of the case in brief are that on 25.01.1992, petitioner was working as Manager of the Bank at Connaught Circus, New Delhi. He was placed under suspension and was served with a charge-sheet dated 21.01.1992, followed by another chargesheet d

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The Court cannot sustain the award in excess of jurisdiction

 08 August 2012

The dispute between the parties concerns the cost of construction of a 14 km long 36” diameter pipeline from the Hazira Field to Mora village in the sum of Rs. 93.27 crores which Niko claims is part of ‘development cost’ which it is entitled to recov

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Is the delegation of power under section 11 to fix the license fees without any guideline is ultra virus?

 08 August 2012

This is an appeal from a judgment, dated 5th February, 2003, rendered by the High Court of Delhi at New Delhi in CWP No.2278/2002. By the impugned judgment, the High Court has upheld the validity of the Delhi Race Course Licensing (Amendment) Rules,

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Allowability of leave petition depends upon the relief sought by the appellant

 07 August 2012

Both sides would agree that the issues raised and the relief sought for in this appeal are identical with the issues raised and considered by this Court in the case of Union of India Vs. Giani in Civil Appeal No.1884/2011 on February 17, 2011. 5. In

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Trade mark of partnership firm considers as part of goodwill and in dissolution surviving partner is only having right

 26 July 2012

Mr. Pamaljeet Singh is sole proprietor of M/s Friends Overseas (plaintiff). In fact, sole proprietorship firm has no separate legal entity and is a creation of its sole proprietor, thus, any reference made to sole proprietorship firm shall mean and i

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Seeking permission to withdraw petition to file fresh petition is allowable

 26 July 2012

Petitioner seeks permission to withdraw the writ petition with liberty to file a fresh petition after impleading all the necessary parties. Permission, as above, is granted.

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Rule 52 empowers the State Government to sanction a lease or sale of nazul land for particular purpose at particular rate keeping in view the circumstances of the case

 23 July 2012

Respondent No.1 filed Writ Petition No.11 of 1995 for quashing tender notice dated 20.12.1994 on the ground that the same was contrary to the Zonal Development Plan prepared under the U.P. Urban Planning and Development Act, 1973 and prayed that a ma

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When a land is acquired having potentiality to developed into urban land eligible to pay higher rate of compensation

 23 July 2012

The appellants did not file application under Section 18 of the Act for determination of compensation by the Court, but after amendment of the Act with effect from 24.9.1984 and disposal of the references made at the instance of other landowners, the

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