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Santosh Mohite
Wrote on 13 December 2017  

Respected sir/madam I am Santosh Mohite from Mumbai but now I am settled in Bangalore since 4 years and I am looking for court marriage and she is from Assam but I don't have my relatives and she has . As per her family they r supporting us to get marry with each other , will the court agree with us as court require 3 witness from each side and from my side is there her family will the court will accept. Regards Santosh Mohite

Wrote on 10 February 2017  

Error: On Top line, -Citation , and elsewhere , should '1800' be corrected ; instead be read '?' .. NOTE for Admn.< per last comment, may have look into the point requiring clarification !

Wrote on 17 September 2016  

OFFHAND The Judgment , as seen, is one rendered in the year 1987, almost 2 decades ago. it is to be believed that case law, - including the several citations therein- as updated,would have been of more informative value. In a few contexts /the bottom of paragraphs,it has been denoted, - "Emphasis ours". Unclear, in the absence of any indication, as to what or which portion is intended to be emphasized. The Admn./ the Editorial Team of Lci could have been of help by bringing about clarity through a special Note,as thoughtfully done by some others.

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