What case can be maintainable-making wrong allegations

In reply made by the Bank on general query which was directed by CIC for its disposal, I have been informed by bank that my sisterin law and her father has made some allegations against me that I have been attempting to withdraw the money from her joint saving account which has been opened with his husband(my brother) and has informed that I and my father had subjected her to insults, humiliataion and mental torture of varied nature like verbal, economical, physical and emotional

In the view of this above, my sisterin law has the dispute with my brother who left the homw without any reasonable cause and I had only filed RCR to join her to matri home. Now she again had left the home for few weeks

But I have been falsely implicated on all this. Kindly provide me the legal recourse/direction and rest I will do it

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In the complaint how you are involved? Has she specifically named you in the complaint or she has made a general complaint against all family members??


She and her father has made complaint to the bank and all 3 members of ou family with my name written on top. Infact I don't know any about the whereabouts of her A/C It was dispute between my brother and her. I have filed the RTI to provide me the copy of same

What action can I take against her and her father as she involved me with only cause that I have filed RCR

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First, find out whether Bank has filed a police complaint or not ? Try to find out what Bank is up to on the compalint. Go and talk to Bank and try to explain the whole situation. And then go from there. 



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how can bank can filed the complaint as the joint A/C is opened in the name of my brother and her wife(Complainant). She has charged me and my father and brother too that joint A/C is her sole money

I am planning for some litigation against her and her father who has implicated me and injured my reputation

the bank has revealed the information on the basis of genral query which was not replied by it and fianlly I filed the complaint before Central Information Commission who has given showed cause notice to them and the information is supplied

But I am very much surprised how can bank supplied the other information pertaining to the complaint filed by my sisterin law and her father--Definately something wrong is there

Any way I don't require her money but I want that proper action must be taken against her and her father so that they injured the reputation of other


You can file a complaint before the concerned Banking Ombudsan that the Bank isunnecssarily harassing you and is causing defamation. You may also ove to Court.


I have asked only the general queries pertaining to the deffrezing of account and its reactivation without concerned of any account. The queries are very general in nature seeking information only without any interest
The CPIO & Appelate Authority didn't reveal Finally I appraoched to CIC where it has been directed why should not be imposed on CPIO . The CPIO repled to my queries and in one para it has revaeled that THEY HAD RECEIVED COMPLAINT FROM MY SISTER IN LAW AND HER FATHER That I , MY FATHER AND MY BEOTHER(Who is husband) has trying to withdrwa the money from her joint A/C which my brother had opened with her and has also alleged that I, MY FATHER AND MY BROTHER has subjected to her insults, mental torture and harassing her by Physical, emotional, economical et etc

She has the dispute with my brother so if she should only named only pertaining for security
Why my name and my father has been dragged on this when we have no concerned about their money?
Apart from this why she has falsely alleged that I and my father has been causing cruelty, mental hassemnt ete etc to her?
Apart from this why her father has made complaint and drageed my name in this?
Apart from above all,
Why the bank took very much interest in making personal comments that she has filed the complaint and we rea taken action on merits as CPIO is only bounded to provide the relevant information pertaining to my general queries which are menat for genral public only
It clrarly shows that CPIO has vderified my location and whereabouts and took interest in this ?

My reputation and my father father reputation has been harmed from both sides without any fault?

Kindly give remarks on this


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