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violent lawyers in madras hc - system never change?

Lawyers wave black flags at Karunanidhi


A section of lawyers on Sunday turned violent, shouted slogans and waved black flags at Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi in a function at the Madras High Court in protest against his visit.
The lawyers' action led to tense moments at the function, which was also attended by Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan and Union Law Minister V Veerappa Moily, to unveil the statue of B R Ambedkar.
As soon as Karunanidhi began his address, some lawyers shouted slogans, threw chairs, waved black flags and attacked two camerapersons of private television channels and snatched their equipment, trying to disrupt the function.
NDTVHindu cameraperson Devaraj was on the spot and was beaten by the lawyers.

The lawyers said it was not right on the chief minister's part to participate in a function after the clash between advocates and police on February 19 last year.
It was Karunanidhi's first visit to the court premises after the clash, in which several lawyers, a judge and policemen were injured.     

Madras High Court Chief Justice H L Gokhale gestured at the lawyers to remain calm, but it had no effect.
Top police officers including City Police Commissioner Rajendran and DGP Letika Saran also tried to bring order by asking them to disperse, but they refused to pay heed.
Undeterred by protests, Karunanidhi continued his speech and said he had faced similar incidents in his 70 years of public life. "I have learnt this from late Chief Minister Anna," he said.
"In my political life, I have been arrested by police and lawyers have helped me to safeguard my rights," he remarked, seeking to calm down the protesting lawyers.
However, no arrests were made.
The clash last year had occurred when some lawyers, agitating on Sri Lankan issue, were arrested on charge of assaulting Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy in the court premises.


Respect to CJI, Law Minister, and  Tamilnadu CM in the HC campus.:D

Watch video:



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very good.

Advocate High court Madras. M-9840908555

hallo aatma sir,

                     The news is correct but i  just wanted to clarify few things.. The entire news gives an impression that the agitating lawyers had created ruckus in that function but the truth is diffrent.


A section of lawyers already decided to protest against the participation of karunanithi in this function because his government has interpreted the order of Madras High court suspending erring police officers as "not an order but only a suggestion" and so far none of those police officers were suspended.


Hence, on that day veryt few advocates has shown a black flag while begun his address and they were overpowered by some goons who claim themselves as advocates. The protesting advocates were thrashed by those mob and six persons were injured. when media tried to cover the attack those goons who wanted to hide their identity attacked the media persons in the presence of police and also damaged their cameras.


i think waving black flag is a democratic way of expressing our displeasure and no one has right to trash it through violence. It is a public function and every one has right to express his opinion there. If they dont want to see the waving black flags, let them conduct the function as a court function where only invitees are allowed.


Subsequently, those injured protestors were hospitalised and the case has been registered not against the attackers but against the injured. Those injured were immediately arrested at hospital and taken to court.

but the entire fact was altered and alleged that those protesters as attackers. if you see the video you can understand who threw chairs and who were chased and attacked.

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These things are not new. Lawyers can make or break the system. Most of the freedom fighters were lawyers/advocates.

Advocate, Chennai

I fully agree with my brother-advocate Shri Mohana Sundaram. I sincerely request everyone not to blindly believe what the newspapers/media reports. They make their news very sensational and attract the readers by showing Madras Lawyers in poor light!!!!!!! Any sane person can think that any roadside fellow can wear a white shirt and a black pant and enter the Court Campus, which is free for all and make all sorts of nonsense that humiliates Madras Lawyers!!! First of all, this is a function of unveiling a statue of a great leader inside the High Court Campus. It is the honour given to the CJI, CJ and other Judges of the Courts to participate. This is not a political meeting where the CM's presence or participation is warranted. This function has by and large has stood as a stigma for Madras Lawyers, without any fault of theirs. CM or Law Minister can participate and do anything outside but not in Court Campuses. Our long felt dream of enhancing the Welfare Fund from Rs.2 lakhs to 5 lakhs (on the death of a lawyer) was announced in the function by the CM. But it was not welcomed by our lawyers at this juncture due to the commotion prevailed in the function. I appeal to all LCI members to make a plea to all our Advocates' Association and Federation not to invite the Ministers and Judges and make them sit on the same dais because it will look awkward for the public audience. It is an open fact that the Government is only the biggest litigant and if the Ministers and the Judges share the same dais, how can we file writ petitions and other cases against and get fair justice against the Government? Our Advocates Associations should not be silent spectators to the games played by the politicians. They should protest against the mingling of Judges and Politicians.

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Advocate High court Madras. M-9840908555

Guru sir is correct and those chief minister and law minister, in state assembly, have openly justified the attack on lawyers for waving black flag.


Co-incidently, the culture/tradition (!) of 'Waving the black flag' was introduced by the so-called Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK).




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