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Dear All,

I am Venkatesh ,as My father Late Kandasamy worked in Railways,after he passed away i Applied for his Job on 

compassionate ground in Railways on 2010.75 % of Formalities over now 1 week back i received a letter from Railway welfare officer to produce Succession certificate.i consulted many advocates some of them saying

it is unnessary,& legal heir certificate is enough for getting my father job.

even we don't have any assert,share,money.

some advocates said

even its not possile to registed the succesion certificate for job Purpose,it will get rejected by court.


some advocates says we can get sucession certificate.


Family Details:


1 st wife;kesawarthini

3 sons-major

i am middle son


2 nd wife:vijaya

1-son (Minor).


pls suggest me it is applicable or not.will court can issue the certificate for this job purpose.or it will get rejected.

I am in Criticat condition I request all to give solution for this.







Family Details:




1 st wife;kesawarthini Late

3 sons-major

i am middle son

2 nd wife:vijaya

1-son (Minor).


practicing advocate

Succession certificate is not necessary.  Surviviors( legal heir certificate) is more than sufficient.  Apply for the leggal heir certificate to the Tahasildar of your Taluka, after obtaining it produce before the raiway.


Dear sir,

Thank you for your reply.

Already i submitted legal heir certificate and NOC from All members.

but again welfare inspector from railways asking  Succession certificate .

what will be the movite asking again..??

now i have 2 choice .

1.I have to conveince  welfare inspector  that court can't issue this certificate for job purpose.

2.else I have to Apply Succession certificate if rejected from court that copy can be produce to railways if suppose i get that certificate i can produce.


pls let me know wheather court can issue for this purpose or not.


Thank you




I understood that there is no other asset of your  father requiring  you to get Succession  Certificate . The Family Members Certificate and death certificate are obtained and produced .Te other family members have no objection for the Job to you . In one way the Railways might be thinking that the Procuring  the  Job under compassionate grounds is also one of the  Assets !!!   for which they require Succession  certificate ! 

Your Father Service Register will show all the family members / Legal  heirs .It is sufficient  that Your  Father Service Record will show who are the legal  heirs  and entitled to service benefits  and other Service opportunities to family members on compassionate grounds  ! 

In the given Circumstances , one more option is thereto you - to file  a suit against all your  family members and Railways and District  Collect and pray for a Declaratory Decree that you are the legal heirs and  you are entitled  to get the Job , as there is  no objection to Railways making  the Railways and District t Collector  as parties  to suit is proforma to observe the suit proceedings  and in their presence  get a decree from the Court with the consent of your all other family members as mentioned  in the legal  heir /Family members Certificate and Produce the decree before the Railways -  suit  filing  and proceedings and paper publication  calling  objections  from General Public  is required as contemplated  - procedure  and  it will take at least four( 4)  months or so !!!!  It is my personal opinion -take local advocate  Services-   Consult your local Area Advocate in this  regard . !


Dear Sir,


I am catholic married a sindhi and the flat which we reside is on my mother in law.  He has expired and they are 5 childrens altogether.  Father has also expired.  Now that me and my husband are residing I would like to know how to get the flat transferred or what should be done to convince my husbands 3 sisters and one brother to enable me get the transfer.  What formalities or certificates I should try and get to transfer the flat.




Steffi  - 9323942423




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