Petition of mother cow

Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh


ए हिंद देश के लोगों, सुन लो मेरी दर्द कहानी।
क्यों दया धर्म विसराया, क्यों दुनिया हुई वीरानी।
जब सबको दूध पिलाया, मैं गौ माता कहलाई,
क्या है अपराध हमारा, जो काटे आज कसाई।
बस भीख प्राण की दे दो मै द्वार तिहारे आई,
... मैं सबसे निर्बल प्राणी, मत करो आज मनमानी॥
जब जाउँ कसाईखाने,चाबुक से पीटी जाती,
उस उबले जल को तन पर, मैं सहन नहीं कर पाती।
जब यंत्र मौत का आता, मेरी रुह तक कम्प जाती,
मेरा कोई साथ न देता, यहाँ सब की प्रीत पहचानी॥
उस समदृष्टि सृष्टि नें, क्यों हमें मूक बनाया,
न हाथ दिए लड़नें को, हिन्दु भी हुआ पराया।
कोई मोहन बन जाओ रे, जिसने मोहे कंठ लगाया,
मैं फर्ज़ निभाउँ माँ का, दूँ जग को ममता निशानी॥
मैं माँ बन दूध पिलाती, तुम माँ का मांस बिकाते,
क्यों जननी के चमड़े से तुम पैसा आज कमाते।
मेरे बछड़े अन्न उपजाते पर तुम सब दया न लाते,
गौ हत्या बंद करो रे, रहनें दो वंश निशानी॥

वन्दे मातरम
जय श्रीराम

could oyu pls translate in english Mr.?



Sri Raj Kumar ji,


A good Samaritan like you has set up a unique gowshalla near Hyderabad where he receives aged, suffering, discarded cows and feeds them, provides them  treatment and takes care till they die a natural death. 


Good though you sspread about Cow in Hindu Religion


Awoesome poem.

I am proud of your thinking.


English Transalation:

ndian people, listen to the story of my pain.
Why Visraya compassion religion, why was the desolation.
When everyone fed, I called bossy mother,
What is our crime, which cut the butcher today.
I came Tihare door begging to give it life,
... I was the poor creature, do not do arbitrary date.
When May slaughterhouse, were beaten with whips,
The boiled water over the body, I can not bear.
The instruments of death comes, to my ruh would quake,
I would not have any support, love is all recognized here.
Has a neutral universe, why we made silent,
Ldnen were not on hand, was alien to Hinduism.
Become a Mike Ray, who had throat Mohe,
I Nibauँ duty of the mother, give her a sign to the world.
I became a nursing mother, you mother's meat Bikate,
Why the mother's skin make you money today.
You do not have mercy on my calf grain spread,
Stop killing cows Ray, residents sign two offspring.

Vande Mataram
Jai Shri Ram

For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always


I agree fully with this thread. Are cows meant to be food, jobs for butchers, feed what is stylishly called leather research/industry/business and what not? Are cows meant to be chappals?


Well, I have a vision to turn the challenge into an opportunity. I need all of your support. I want to come up with an attractive project that will add up to the umpteen numbers of utilities of cow, its products in society, in real life. I have plans to come up with practically possible, meaningful, economically viable business propositions to begin with. I envision that it will ultimately cause a change that will cause a change for the good, wherein society will not look upon cows with the due respect that they deserve, but they will start protecting cows so much that it will enable protect the entire animal kingdom itself, life per se, God per se. 


All of us are relatively familiar with milk, ghee, curd etc. We have also come up with catchy terms and profitable businesses around: Cheese, yogurt, chaach, buttermilk, etc etc. Well, I have a concept that matters to that part for which HINglish speaking Indian Hippies, baggy pants, MIDdies, SKIrts etc have started not only abandoning, but even pouring scorn on the mother. All living beings take food and excrete. Human excreta smells rubbish because all sorts of sins are eaten. But, man has the guts to say that cow's excreta smells foul. Well, cow consumes only grass and veggie food. Its excreta does not smell as foul. But, it is the way it is used, disposed that is causing that smell. 


Gobar gas is relatively popular in society. But, have we thought of it as an integrated business proposition? I think some organisations tried to do something on cow urine being used for some ailments etc and nothing beyond. I think that is not enough to break the ice. It is here that I want to do that critical bit to break that ice.


Have you traveled at all? Real stupid question. Isn't it? Well, have you thought what it costs to travel? Well, an average citizen will immediately toss the answer straight on the face: One rupee, two, ..... hundred etc right upto the second decimal point. But, is that the true cost that we are paying? No. We are playing with the fossil fuel that universe has conserved perhaps since its evolution/major change in the evolution process that caused drastic change in geography. Well, some cute head may come up with the idea of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) because it has become a success now atleast in Delhi etc. In fact, Delhi has provision for piped gas. Bye-bye indane, HP, Esso etc cylinders. Even before the ink settles, let me record that this is fraught with its own ups and downs and they will not be dealt here.


What I propose is in light of discussion in above context, only that I want to bring in the topic in context of creating that requisite value addition that will enable the true position not only to cows, but to entire life form, God per se. 


Well, I want to come up with CGG (Compressed Gobar Gas). I am sure, it will not only enable macro business. But, enable grass businesses as well. In fact, it will be cluster of businesses, all at one's own comfort zones, one's own pace of comfort, with almost no compulsions/pressures and with almost no risk; all to gain. One will work more to gain more and not for fear or some compulsion. There will be so much of satisfaction by working that one will hardly want to miss working at the strike of the clock, right at their own places without having got to travel all the days at all.


Well, the concept is like this:

Have farm lands right from Leh (J&K) to Kanyakumari (T'Nadu) to produce gobar gas. Let this gas either be used on site or produced in large quantities so that it can be vended out. If can be vended out, then, it can be retail selling or bulk selling, something very similar to milk (One gets milk from cowherds or local dairies or co-operatives or agencies akin to Mother dairy). 


Well, gobar gas cannot be used in its nacent form. It needs a bit of processing and that needs some investment too. But, then, it is worth so much. These are science related issues which need not have to be broached here. Nevertheless, it will be of interest to this forum to note that CGG has been successfully used to haul Indian Railway locomotives.


Hope the concept is slowly getting to be clear, clearer, more.... more. Well. all in all; it is a concept that involves society. Cow sheds that one is familiar with is not the one that is being proposed here. It will be scientifically designed, healthy, clean of even a spick of dust, with no smell, adequate light, almost 80-90% automated processes with minimal human involvement. In fact, it will turned into such an interesting, but routine type schedule that it will be chosen as a life time vocation in itself by the so called youngsters of society.


There will be so much of incentive. One can come up with business of the like of small gas cylinders that are being filled up. These cylinders can then power autorickshaws, cars etc or be used for domestic purposes etc. Alternatively, if one has enough of resources (land, cows etc) one can come up with the automated piped business; which will be akin to collection of milk in dairies; only that this collection of gas will be through metered, self regulated, centrally monitored processes. Number of gas farms can be connected to gas wells, which in turn can be used to feed applications of the likes of electricity generation. If this is done, one can stop consuming coal and start using CGG. Well, there is so much, so much to discuss, but shortage of resources necessitates brief and not details.


Organisations, government etc can fund individuals, agencies, projects. 


I am sure if this initiative gains popularity, the cause espoused here will get more than what has been sought. Not just that, while mother cow has been addressed, mother nature per se will get the true respect, love that it gives mankind.


I am available. My concepts in this regard are relatively refined and am sure will stand the tests and are very practical. Let me assure that I am a technical hand and this concept has done several rounds of thought, discussions across the table etc. Any takers?


Why be obsessed only with cow?

What crime have all other animals including humans(humans are also animals called homo sapiens) have done to be treated badly and cruely? Why they should not be treated equally well with kindness?

Does buffalo or goat not give milk like cow? Why they should not be treated equally well with kindness?

Does sheep not provide wool and milk? Why they should not be treated equally well with kindness?

Does dog not guard your house, provide you friendship and company? Why they should not be treated equally well with kindness?

For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always

My brother,

You seem to have got the message wrongly. If you can read through my post, you will see that I am trying to address mother nature per se.


If you can do some amount of research, you will find that ALL aspects of nature, all forms of life are worshiped, respected, pitied upon, protected. In fact, every aspect that needs societal participation has a fable associated with that aspect. Prayers, chants, hymns etc spread by word of mouth, literary works etc. NO OTHER SOCIETY IN THE WORLD HAS SUCH EXTENSIVE, CONVINCING, WELL RESEARCHED UPON MANNERISMS. In fact the credit of all these goes to the liberal thoughts of our elders. Tigers, lions, elephants, crows, dogs, pigeons, swans, ants ; Mountains, rivers, lakes; Trees (tulasi, neem, ginger, food crops, flowering plants etc etc etc), in fact all forms of life, all universal entities are respected, worshiped. Indian science has been world class. It is pertinent to note that it is wisdom, not competition that has designed our society. So, one has to be more educated, enlightened, mature before being able to judge, pass on caustic comments on painstaking work that has taken several centuries.


Well, as of cow, if you were to look at the hierarchy of forms of life; cows play a very vital role which forms of life that you have specified do not. Even before the ink dries, I clarify that 'ALL FORMS OF LIFE' need to be worshiped. Do you know that there are hoards of varieties of grasses alone. Grasses are just miniscule in nature's greenery. For brievity, let us just consider grasses and set aside the fruits, nuts etc other greenery for the time being.


Well, grasses can be grown in almost all conditions, places. Many varieties grow naturally too. Grass needs no much of extra inputs from mankind and grow naturally. Man feels grass as nuisance at times. Cow eats this nuisance and gives milk from which we get many nutricious, delicious products: ghee, cova, butter milk, cheese etc etc.


This milk is prescribed by doctors for mankind's babies. Babies GROW on this milk. Why don't you give cow the status of your mother? Why treat her badly? Why disrespect her? Has she done you anything wrong? If at all she erred, she erred by having fed you with that tender milk when you needed it the most? Why look at her as meat, chappals, money and what not? Why slaughter that mother?




My post was not directed to any particular individual. It was just a general idea that instead of being narrowly focussed only one particular animal other animals should also be treated equally well without cruelty and with kindness. I appreciate your ideas about respecting the entire scheme of things in nature.



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