Meditation can heal criminals;eradicate corruption



I'm pasting an extract which is based on a study  on effects of meditation on criminals and how it can also transform corrupt officials.To view the full article from where this extract has been taken,kindly click the link that is referred to,at the bottom of the page



The technique of Vipassana is a path leading to freedom from all suffering; it eradicates the craving, aversion and ignorance which are responsible for all our miseries. Those who practice it remove, little by little, the root causes of their suffering and steadily emerge from the darkness of former tensions to lead happy, healthy, productive lives. There are many examples bearing testimony to this fact.


Several experiments have been conducted at prisons in India. In 1975, S.N. Goenka conducted a historic course for 120 inmates at the Central Jail in Jaipur, the first such experiment in Indian penal history. This course was followed in 1976 by a course for senior police officers at the Government Police Academy in Jaipur. In 1977, a second course was held at the Jaipur Central Jail. These courses were the subject of several sociological studies conducted by the University of Rajasthan. In 1990 another course was organized in Jaipur Central Jail in which forty life-term convicts and ten jail officials participated with very positive results.


n 1991, a course for life-sentence prisoners was held at the Sabaramati Central Jail, Ahmedabad, and was the subject of a research project by the Dept. of Education, Gujarat Vidyapeeth.


The Rajasthan and Gujarat studies and indicated definite positive changes of attitude and behaviour in the participants, and demonstrate that Vipassana is a positive reform measure enabling criminals to become wholesome members of society.


In 1995, a massive course was organised for 1000 prisoners in Tihar jail with far-reaching effects. Vipassana was adopted as a prison reform technique in the largest jails of India. A detailed report of the scientific studies carried out to assess the impact of Vipassana meditation on the prisoner's mental health proves that Vipassana is capable of transforming criminals into better human beings.


The civil service career of S.N. Goenka’s meditation teacher, Sayagyi U Ba Khin, is an example of the transformative effect of Vipassana on government administration. Sayagyi was the head of several government departments. He succeeded in instilling a heightened sense of duty, discipline and morality in the officials working under him by teaching them Vipassana meditation. As a result, efficiency dramatically increased, and corruption was eliminated. Similarly, in the Home Department of the Government of Rajasthan, after several key officials attended Vipassana courses, decision-making and the disposal of cases were accelerated, and staff relations improved.


The Vipassana Research Institute has documented other examples of the positive impact of Vipassana in such fields as health, education, drug addiction, government, prisons and business management.


These experiments underscore the point that societal change must start with the individual. Social change cannot be brought about by mere sermons; discipline and virtuous conduct cannot be instilled in students simply through textbook lectures. Criminals will not become good citizens out of fear of punishment; neither can caste and sectarian discord be eliminated by punitive measures. History is replete with the failures of such attempts.


The individual is the key: he or she must be treated with love and compassion; he must be trained to improve himself—not by exhortations to follow moral precepts, but by being instilled with the authentic desire to change. He must be taught to explore himself, to initiate a process which can bring about transformation and lead to purification of mind. This is the only change which will be enduring.


Vipassana has the capacity to transform the human mind and character. It is an opportunity awaiting all who sincerely wish to make the effort.




This can be tried at jails. Since it is well said that "hate the sin, love the sinner"



Yoga is one of the greatest Indian contributions to the world as Yoga has got vast potential in all fields. In Tihar jail India, Yoga is experimented among the inmates and was found successful as their criminal mentality changed. This study aimed at investigating the effect of Vipassana Meditation (VM) on Quality of Life (QOL), Subjective Well-Being (SWB), and Criminal Propensity (CP) among inmates of Tihar Jail, Delhi. To this effect the following hypotheses were formulated:

1. There will be a significant positive effect of Vipassana Meditation (VM) on the Quality of Life (QOL) of inmates of Tihar jail.
2. Vipassana Meditation (VM) will have a positive and significant effect on Subjective Well-Being (SWB) of inmates.
3. Criminal propensity (CP) of inmates will decrease significantly after attending the Vipassana (VM) course.
4. There will be significant difference in Subjective Well-Being (SWB) and Criminal Propensity (CP) of the experimental (Vipassana) group and the control (non-Vipassana) group.
5. Male and female inmates will differ significantly in Subjective Well-Being (SWB) and Criminal Propensity (CP), as a result of Vipassana Meditation (VM).

In the famous “Time” magazine, the importance of meditation and yoga, the ancient Indian system, is highlighted and recognized that the ancient mind- and spirit-enhancing art is becoming increasingly popular and gaining medical legitimacy.

The American justice Dept. has recently approved the power of yoga and meditation vides a recent judgement in the American court. ?Man Who Slapped Wife Sentenced to Yoga? It’s Anger Management, says the Judge.

FOUNDER-PRESIDENT DR. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS FORUM (DRF) - The Foundation for Social Justice and Constitutional awareness for trial of public service. (Ph.9322246333)

Aishwarya jee !!


Its all OK but Bujurgon ne kaha hai ki "LAATON KE BHOOT BAATON SE NAHEEN MAAN TE" and it is true.  I find sometime but many times such LAATON KE BHOOTs, please suggest your idea for them.  You have also experienced just now that your idea is not effective on every criminal mind and in such cases Bujurgon ka idea hi effective hota hai.  


Say NO.


Ramji I agree the point "Laton ke Bhoot baaton se nahin mante" It is also important to differentiate between "criminals in the eyes of law" and "criminals in the eyes of the state". Laws should be humane and balanced to rule out being used as a political tool to create terror of oppression/subjugation. I quote the following from

"In just the last three years — astoundingly — a 100 people have been arrested in Maharashtra alone for the ‘heinous’ crime of reading Bhagat Singh and BR Ambedkar. Public figures like Mahasweta Devi, Arundhati Roy, Prashant Bhushan, Medha Patkar, Binayak Sen — to name just a few — have been brushed aside as “Maoist sympathisers”. And dozens of pro-livelihood activists have been arrested"

Now I leave it to the opion of Ld.Members of LCI to decide.


@ ram jee

i respect ur views.


but have we been able to reduce crime rates after punishing criminals?has crime ended in society?


if u go thru the entire article,it clearly states that meditation has really helped in healing criminlas and in reducing crime rates...meditation a well researched science...why dont we change our strategy if punishment and strictness dont work?

india has committed a big mistake of discarding its rich tradition of therapy thru yoga,meditation etc and blindly aped the west


there is no psychology based research which says that punishment and strictness reform  a person...dats the reason in schools also corporal punishment is banned...becoz it makes children more stubborn and traumatised


i wud also add that if one starts meditating since chiuldhood he wont become a criminal at all in this age of kalyuga




FOUNDER-PRESIDENT DR. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS FORUM (DRF) - The Foundation for Social Justice and Constitutional awareness for trial of public service. (Ph.9322246333)

Aishwarya jee, I simply said you to "Say NO" to my opinion n thats it.  So you can simply say "NO" to my opinion and it is not a disrespecting to me.  Can you? Madam ! there are many things rest between "YES" and "NO" and my concern is with the rest.  You change them and who will not learn your lesson, I am here.  You always first.


Our President, Chairperson in parliament and High comman of UPA are watching me here so how can I dare to go against you Madam.. I have no option except to say that "You are right and go ahead".............


Hello Ash  Ji..

Is there any Meditation to heal our Judis...Corruption....Tikar is more better than HC OR SC


Democratic Indian well said




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