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 We have been married for the last 9 years.  We have a son of 7 years old.   My wife is working in Software industry.  She has been living in Bangalore for the last 6 years.

She has filed 2 FIRS till now in Bangalore.    One she withdrew   3 years back.    She filed the 2nd FIR(506 a) against my mother and me for not vacating the house last year September.  I got bail and   left Bangalore.

In single sentence my wife is neither ready for divorce nor ready   to live together. She is also not asking for money.

When she filed the case first time I lost my job.  We are not compatible to live together. Fight started even for silly reason and ended in big trouble. At the end she made me an emotional fool and bad in front of others.

For the last 15 months  we are living separately. This is not the first time living like this. Earlier we lived(separately) like  this  two times.   I used  to approach her  every time. She never thinks about me. She took  total  advantage and full control of our problem.

I am suffering from loneness and   want to come out of this marriage.  When I was in police station , police advised me to leave  Bangalore and  marry someone without evidence as my wife was not ready  for any compromise. Police also thinks this marriage wont workout and if something goes wrong  , I will be in big trouble as  she has already filed 2 FIRS  and  also made complaint in woman’s police station. Police just  wanted  money and they didn’t care about anything   and they took money from both of us.Not only me every one thinks(my friends  and relatives  who ever played  as mediator between us) that she has a relationship with her colleague and doesn’t want  me any more in her life. Also she  needs me as husband   to  blame   and tell that  I am bad , if someone asks .She simply wants to take revenge and not let me to marry any one. She is using her gender  and take revenge. also having  difficult   time to find good lawyers. People don’t think  that this is a life matter and  want to make money by making the mater worst.

 Do I need to have any evidence for not living together. This marriage spoiled my health, mind, image and carrier etc.. as the law is very  complicate. How should  I plan my life?. want to come out of this hell ASAP. My wife goes to police station as if it is a temple.

I have been suffering for last  seven years without proper gudiance.  







1st of all file a suit for RCR and then file a suit for divorce on the basis of cruelity, desertation.

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DVA 2005 was enacted in the name of preserving Marraige, but it has become ruthless destroyer of Mariage due to slack drafting of this Diabolic Act, by even by pasing the doctrine of Natural Justice. Yor case is not new and we do not know how many men are crying from behiond the the closed door due to cunning and unscrupulous women armed with DVA. Your case is a case of break down of marriage irretrievably. Better file a case of Divorce on the grounds of irretrievable break down of marriage. 

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You have all reasons to file divorce. Collect evidences of her job and assets, you can file based on false police complaints, refusal to lie together and dessertion etc. If you can prove you she lived away from you most of time.

Contact good lawyer. Do not go to police any more, police is not for solving any problem. You just acted emotionally foolish.


my suggesttion tou is that u should file a resitution case against your wife and in the due course start collecting the evidence of her cruelity, papers mobile recording etc. and when she will deny staying with u in restitution case this will automatically give you ground to file divoerce .and restitution case will help you to deal all the false criminal case from your wife tooo

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she has a relationship with her colleague

if u are sure, and have proofs, adultry will be a ground for u to apply for divorce.

desertion, cruelty, defamation, may be additional grounds

till then, file RCR, get it in your favour & then file for divorce.


2 contradictions : 


Irretrievable breakdown of marriage made ground for divorce


Irretrievable breakdown is no ground for divorce: HC


File divorce. Forgot about you can prove cruelty or not. If she really desert you, you can proove it. Don't think too much about prooving. Take first step. File divorce.


By reading your facts one good point is this as you said;She is also not asking for money.I lost my job.Give thanks to your wife as she has not file maintenance case.

looking your situation,simple advise is file for divorce under section 13 of Hindu marriage act,1955.Give the reason also mention Irretrievable breakdown of marriage as amit said earlier.You can also file guardian application for visiting your son.  Read this material before hiring an advocate;

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She troubled me in a lot of ways. She acted smartly and filed FIRs for her evidence. First she spreaded  the news that she would file Dowry case against me. In this way my wife distanced my relatives. And whenever someone called her over the phone for compromise, she used to blame me for hours. Her main intention was that she is good and I am the worst person in this world so she is not ready to live with me. She used to tell everyone that she wants to live with me after some period also she needs husband for her and father for my son. This has been the story for the last several years.

She never attempted to solve this problem .She was never ready to discuss the problem with me. She simply considered me as a criminal and always tried to findout mistakes for not living together. I was the one at regular intervals tried to contact her and solve this problem in the past. She simply wanted to postpone this problem for some reason. She never gave importance to me to our problems. Even she visited Onsite couple of times leaving my son at her hometown (when we were not living together). I came to know later about this. This story is endless.

Even people directly ask me about my wife’s affair with someone. One of my native person told me to take care of my life as she might do some harm to me with the help of her boyfriend. Some people say she didn’t like our physical relationship so she wants me to keep away from her by saying some reason and She might come to for money at the later point of life after she gets bored with someone. People see this kind of problems in their every days life. People know when a lady is not ready to live with her husband and for what reason she is not ready.

That too I am not waste fellow and earning handsome money. Old people say , it is difficult to change a lady until unless she realizes(when she is under the influence of someone). Right now she is like a queen for her own territory. She earns a lot of money and get satisfied with her physical needs and also have peoples sympathy. So strongly feels my company is not required for her. I am an extra luggage for her. I am suffering by the name of marriage without proper food etc.. How long I can live alone like this. I am getting aged. At least I need some one with me to share my feelings.

It is not the age to get friendship. I don’t have any bad habits. Now I am forced to think about alternate ways like illegal marriage or having relationship with some one. This is what people advise me. But my mind still not accepting and suffering. Why law makers didn’t understand about the other side of coin? . This society forces me to do something which i don’t like. God only knows the truth. Just imagine my mental state that I am going through for the last several years. I am an educated and emotional fool who didn’t know how to handle this problem. 

 Can I apply for Divorce/RCR from my home town where we got married?. Right now we both are in different state.

If I file RCR/Divorce at my native place, can she transfer the case to Bangalore by stating that she is working in Bangalore and sun is also studying in Bangalore?

I also don’t know whether the Last FIR filed against me and my mother is pending or withdrawn?. How to find out this?.

Can she file Dowry/DV case against me as I am not living with her for the last 15 months so.. She has house on her name in Bangalore. Even I don’t know where it is. I don’t know anything about her salary. How to get details about her property and income? I

Fighter Hiya !!!

buddy please handle this situation practically and avoid any emotional decesions is actually like fighting with an enemy equipped with sword using a stick ........u have to hit below the belt the belt to make her attack ineffective ..... collect proofs , recordinds , evidences whatever you can and don't let her screw you ..... be a man 




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