Can i get a divorce even if my wife refuses to give it.

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I got married last year on March 1st 2009. Since then iam facing problems from my wife and her parents. They ill treat me and my family and also spread wrong rumours about us. Its been 7 months now that iam not living with my wife. She is at her fathers place. She doesnt want to live with me nor does she want to give divorce to me .I would like to know when can i apply for divorce and what would happen if my wife refuses to give me divorce.

She knows that after 1 year of being married, husband can also apply for divorce so she was keeping quite all these months but now suddenly as the time is coming close to being 1 year she is trying to communicate with me and wants to enter my house forcefully against me and my family's wishes. How can i stop her from entering my house(is there any law or a rule to prevent this from happening).




Mr.Vidhyadhar, Is it your house or parents house. If the owner is one except you then file a civil injunction suit to restrain her from entering into that house. Next course is you ctake all the preperations to file a suit for divorce. Anticipating a 498A case against you and your family members you may issue a legal notice through a competent advoctae for divorce even it is immature now. So that you can defend yourself that even if a 498A case comes from her side even after 7 months it is an after thought/effect of the legal notice. Law is favouring her unfairly. So be alert and make up your mind and pocket ready to fight the evil. Adv KC Suresh


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within one year you wont get divorce, minimum one year is required to seek divorce on desertion ground.


u can not get divorce unilaterly, a proper petition has to be filed in the court as advised by Rajeev, so the proper procedure has to be followed....and u ll ve to prove your grounds too.


u can not force your wife to stay away from the matrimonial home.


the best solution in such kind of situation is compromise, talk to your wife and make a proper decision whether you both can continue with marriage or not.


litigation will give u sleepless nights and empty pockets, try to solve the matter with mutual discussions.


MR. Vidhadhar Law favours the women it is not so easy to get divorce. If u file the petition for divorce  u & ur family  will suffer a think again take the step for compramise as Kiranji said.

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Dear  Friend.  Let me know and inform some facts what is happeninig in and arround us. Normally the girls files casses against their husbands and his families because of getting Divorce. Many times the Motive behind this would be  some Illegal Connection. these kind of the Girls simply go out from husband house and goes to police gives the Complaints and Torture her husband and using this they will file the divorce petition.

The law is also clear. But the Judges who sitting int he possision  does not aware of the Law. So that only this becomes major issue. next. Some advocates for getting mony they simply give the Wrong guidance to the Clients.

I am with you.  i believes that she may sincerly loves you. So pls consider the Seperate stay facility with her. and understand what she thinks.   Speak....... Speak....... Speak.   Dont use Mediator.

i do not believe that the law only favour against woman. i hope just Read the Indian Penal Code sec 211, 120B, and in dowry case, giving dowry is also offence.  Devil never won. be truthful. and believe your self.


yes even u r wife is not ready to give u divorce, u can file div petition of  u r own to seek divorce frm u r wife on the ground of cruelty administered by her on u . the matter will be contested and if u can prove u r case, then u will be entitle to get divorce. Generally , in this kind of matter, initially wife starts protesting but after some time when they c nothing is remaining in matter , then they can come down for mutual consent divorce and so in the course of proceeding u can convert diivorce petition as mutual consent divorce petition.

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Mr! If she is truing to come to your hose means her matrimonail house then allow her otherwise you shall have to face a lot of litigation in her hands. Not only you but all th emembers of your family can have to face the wrath of various cases. it is her right to enter in her matrimonial house and you cannot stop her forcefully or under any threat of law prior to formal passing of a decree of divorce which is not so easy as you deem.


your story falls flat in the court of law, if you put the facts in the court of law, as you put them here on this site.  On one hand, you were telling that your wife and her family were spreading rumours and she deserted you.  On the other hand, you were telling that she would attempt to join you in your house and hence you and your family want to restrain her joining you.  If these are true facts, she is the victim and you are the wrong doer and wrong doers will get no relief from the court.

I totally agree with Mr. Kiran and Mr. Makkad and follow their advice for your betterment.




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