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match-fixing in asia cup: bangladesh offers 100 plus to sach


Match-fixing in Asia Cup: Bangladesh offers 100 plus to Sachuin India! 







Of course, India continues to suffer from cricketism fantasies and dominates in joint cricket exercises with  all other teams.  

In a way as to reply to the critics of Indian cricketism, its fanaticism, and its only real cricketism son Sachuin Tendulakar, considered by many in India and aboard, Bangladesh offered a specific 100 plus to him as well as India, appeasing especially the Indian MPs, MLAs and bureaucrats, as a major Hindu god, though now depleted but badly wanting the blowers to somehow  promote his prestige as well as of Indian false. When Sachuin was denied for over a year his much sought after one final 100 plus to claim “ton”, his fanatic worshippers, regime supporters and sponsors alike had lost faith in his ability to get any number of 100 pluses that by his mere presence at the crease.

India has made Bangladesh, considered by many strategic guys in New Delhi as a junior partner an Indian satellite to help with India’s onward march ambition to South East and East Asia regions, shine in cricketism in Dhaka for (South) Asia Cup.  




Why did Bangladesh which never took Sachuin seriously and denied 100 plus before, all of  a sudden decided to offer 100 plus to Sachuin while playing in Bangladesh and paralyzing all  norms of normal cricketism? 


The answer is very simple and you have correctly guessed it. 


After his 99 tons, India's most pampered cricketer Sachin Tendulakar, a school drop-out only to be guided by the regimes and its various mafias to be elevated to the level of a major Hindu god to be worshiped by one and all in India, including Muslim boys,  has been made to wait impatiently for his  one last 100 plus  and now when denied by all others, Bangladesh has gladly offered it , salvaging the fake image of fanatic India. 


Bangladesh readily offered Sachuin's one last 100 plus in exchange o for a win in honor of former BD cricketer deceased Manjural Islam as per the mutual understanding. BD cricketer Manjural Islam died on 17th March, the same day five years ago and for Bangladeshis it was a huge moment to mark his death anniversary. Bangladeshis wanted to dedicate the match with India to him by wining it. The concerned mafias on both sides had informal understanding and a "great chat" the previous night to dedicate the "important match" to Manjural Islam and the Indian players also stood up, but with their own agenda: Sachuin's one last 100 plus and BD team agreed to play for both Manjural Islam and Sachuin Tendulakar who continued to showcase fake records as real. .



Look at the way BD executed the  exchange  plan. Bangladesh won the toss and, instead of straight away starting to bat on a bat-friendly pitch, deliberately chose to bowl first so that they could first implement their own role, the 100 plus to psychologically ailing Sachuin to impress the Indian rogues about the positive attitude of home BD team. When Sachuin at long last began shining once again, all over again at the crease by hitting "fantastically", obviously Indian also decided to help the poor Bangladeshi team to win the match. 



Extra corrupt Hasina’s Bangladesh did not mind promoting Indian cricketism goals. Many of the fanatic Indian elements somehow got relief when Bangladesh began shining by offering the India demand of one last 100 plus to the only true Indian Tendulakar- that is say  all others are international frauds. .


And now, thanks to Indian maneuverings for etc Sachuin, Bangladesh, the Asian champions in Asia games, officially shines. BD batboys somehow managed to chase down a big total of 290 runs with a few balls to spare. After 8 consecutive losses to India in ODIs, Bangladesh have managed a victory to keep their tournament hopes in check at home. Terrific performance by the Bangladeshi boys and this win would definitely mean a lot to them.


India's one and only "great" Tendulakar as well as entire fanatic India on its part did not hesitate to enjoy the well cooked special meal supplied possibly by Bangladesh Hindu foreign minister and pathetic looking Sachuin also enjoyed his 100 plus  very neatly.. . 


Both India and Bangladesh are guilty of cricketism crimes and both must be brought justice. 


ICC also must be penalized for its crimes of shielding the cricket criminals. 




True, in recent months there has been a positive development in cricketism trends, against the odds when the bowlers are allowed to take their profession a bit seriously, blocking all gimmicks of batboys to shine at the crease at the cost of others.


The recent matches saw the flourishing of good bowlers though the fielders continue to falter or just play dramas on the field as per the requirement of the mafias or state agencies. South Africa and England have produced good bowlers of standard, though not every time they are committed. 


However, strangely, neither the pro-batboy ICC nor the bat-boys themsleves like the very idea of bowlers taking charge to derail the processes of obtaining 50 plus/100plus/etc to advance the fake ambitions of corporate regimes, sponsors and their mafias. they are forcing the bowlers to lay for the batboys and offer 4s and 6s. 


This “true genius” Sacuin, rather the so-called Pharatratna material in blue color,  as Indian fanatics shamelessly claim,  has been hanging  on the crease for too long and took over a year to get his one last 100 plus! That too he got this 100 as a gift from pro-India and corrupt Hasina regime with full support from a weak bowling team like Bangladesh possibly for return favors from New Delhi in economic and military terror terms, like more tractors and old terror arms and other goods.

Indian state-corporate covert operations for Sachuin-100 was a grand success but India itself got dismantled in the process of fixing the 100 plus for its most favorite.  India has indeed made Sachuin win and India fail. That is to say the surgery was a historic success but the patient dies in the end. 

Indian net media, representing globally fanatic and fascist variety, keep blasting the bogus 100th ton news, like the food tasters who as paid agents taste the specially prepared food and compliment as “fantastic, fabulous, etc. They have paraded those, who are in the virtual queue for Pharatratna posts, also do the same on payment basis, possibly payable by the BCCI and corporate sponsors.

Eventhough they got what they sought for years through covert diplomatic operations and match-fixings, Indian media now blame on weak bowlers, admit that  the bowlers make or break a match. 


Indian manipulative power is too enormous to comprehend easily.  

Supposing Sachuin has so far played for 20 years standing tirelessly at the crease firmly denying others 
 to occupy that godly spot to save or serve the mother India, he should have  got not more than 20 of 100 plus gifts.  

That is to say, bluntly, Tendulakar’s 80 out of 100 pluses are also fake ones. And even those 20 are also false ones because he would not have got even one 100 plus without the blessings of blowers and maneuverings of India foreign and sport ministries as well corporate sponsors.



Known for notorious operations to promote batboys by employing  bowlers, and mediating between or among cricket nations to fix matches in accordance with the needs of the nations concerned and select cricketers at a given point of time, ICC (international cricket council), is the root cause of problems the cricket faces today.


Matches are generally fixed by the nations with a wish lists and bowlers and fielders are expected to follow the guidelines to shield the batboys until they "achieve" what they are expected to. .As a result cricket has lost genuineness and receded to the mere cricketism gimmicks.  


ICC shields crimes relating to state level fixing by the teams themselves. 



Many of these fanatic Indian elements somehow got relief when Bangladesh began shining by offering the India demand of one last 100 plus to the only true Indian Tendulakar- that is say  all others are international frauds. .



The third umpire as usual supports India's cause and declared BD skipper Al Hasan , the author of mutual match fixing OUT at 49 when, as the replay showed, he was not out and was very much on the line.  Al Hasan returned to pavilion and watched the remaining proceedings making BD shine.  


The unwritten cricketism rules clearly state that in a mutual fixing, there are the central elements of give and take policy.  Maybe, that is part of exchange program. Each team must give something first and take something next. 



ICC wants to batboys to shine and corporates  to make back money.  Cricket field is being reduced to help the batboys to get 4s easily. It is a major shame that batboys are given plenty of space to hit 2s, 4s and even 6s. Each team should have at least 14 fielders but all of them need not bat- only 6 batboys could be allowed to bat - as it is practiced by the latest F5 overs matches.




Bogus records and ranking are not the prerogative of only Indians. The ICC does  not want cricket to change its course of mutual fixings.



All records and rankings, like test crickctism itself, are illegal, punishable offence and Indian regime is guilty. It is high time Sachuin, in stead of waiting for years to get his 1000 plus as gifts thanks to state manipulations, declare his innings from all formats and request the Manmohan-Sonia-madamPatil team, to appoint him as India’s coach to help India create “history”.   After all, all of them quickly congratulate him the moment he was fixed with his one last 100 plus by BD bowlers. Maybe, these leaders, like bureaucrats, MPS and MLAs, in stead of working for the people, were also watching the cricket match in the parliament, assemblies, Presidential place in New Delhi.

By playing for India's 100 plus requirement,  BD must have, apart from a win, got assurances for more used arms plus other terror items form New Delhi depots. But that unethical and illegal. 


India and Bangladesh have committed crimes, not just errors, in promoting Indian cricketism interests, particularly the one last Sachuin 100 plus in favor of a win. In fact, India has been looking forward to SA to help Sachuin, but BD overtook a possible SA plan, offering a nice 100 plus. .

Though Indian  can manipulate the finals in its favour if it qualifies, India has the fear of knock-out from the "cup" now and therefore is focused on Pakistan which is already in the final, and thinks if "Pakis" somehow helps India to reach the finals, it can then defeat Islamabad to the roaring  semi-explosive blasts of Indian fanatics.  

However, Pakistan did let India shine by losing the match, by playing joint cricket exercises,  in exchange for two 200 plus to Pak openers who otherwise would  collapse  after a few runs, allowing middle order boys Younis Khan, Misbah Ul-Haq, Afridi and others to make their "contributions". Pak also offered 180 plus runs to their favourite batboy from India, making him look larger in size and also making poor god Sachuin very small. 

Indian media and regime agents, now boldly call Pakistani team small fries, avialable for a price.


Meanwhile, Indian regime and media must try to do away with fake fanaticism and stop generating Sachins in future - give real cricket a chance!

Apart from manipulations, India also possesses the survival instincts. However, if other teams give up cricketism gimmicks for 100 plus, etc, India would sooner than later shut down cricketism plank for ever!


د. عبد راف 

Dr. Abdul RuffSpecialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA  & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher;/website:abdulruff.wordpress.com/ 91-9961868309/91-9961868309




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