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lawyer misguiding people...


Here is the screen shot of chating with a "legal expert" named karan singh who is answering queries live on navbharattimes.com. 

A lady ask him that his husband filled for divorce on some cruelty ground. But she want to live with her husband. How can she do that.

And mr. EXPERT advice her to file DV instead for RCR. 

I think for living together RCR is the law. 

I can't understand why he advice DV ? DV is for unite ? 

What to do with these EXPERT ?

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For justice and dignity

i think the lawyer is guiding her perfectly.


DV Case is actually for restoration of conjugal rights also;not just for maintenance and cruelty.


if a lady demands restoration to her  matrimonial home,doesnt it mean she's trying to save her marriage.


so where's misguidance here?


infact, RCR is a time consuming process...


in DV the magistrate can give orders that she be allowed to live in her mat. home with full protection...


the lawyer is not asking her to file any false 498A.if he had advised her this for saving her marriage,then it wud have been misguidance.



Really ?? Now I got to know that DV is for RCR also.

Either domestic voilance occur or not ? File it ?

Dv will be filled b'coz RCR is slow ? GOOD.......

What about cruelty she did with her husband ? ( note her husband filled for divorce on some cruielty basis).

 Still DV ?


What a man do in same situation other then RCR ? It's very slow dear....

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actully such so called legal expert has no sense of law as well as the fine knitting system of the society.


the whole process of marriage based on personal liberty and acceptance of one by the other.


if it is not there, marriage is impossible.


a mare declaration on paper or recite some shlokes (mantras) can not unite two persons, untill they themselves are eagger to it.




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