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Punctuality. It is of utmost importance His Secret Obsession  for women to be punctual, whether your date is picking you up at your home or meeting you in a restaurant. By preparing and showing up on time, your date will not get disappointed. Sure you could let him wait for about five minutes in the living room while you get your purse and powder your nose but never ever let him wait for a couple of hours just because you can't decide on what to wear for the night. Being punctual is something most men value in the beginning of a relationship. If you bore him now by not showing up on time, he might get the idea that you are not interested at all or perhaps you do not give him any importance.




Be Yourself. Being yourself is the easiest thing you can do on a date because you don't have to pretend to be someone you're not. By showing him your true colors and personality, he will be able to relax and be himself as well. When both parties are truly honest to one another at the beginning of a relationship, you won't have a hard time falling in love. Believe it or not, one of the things that cause divorce is dishonesty from the beginning because it would be too late for the couple to know each one's true colors.

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