need urgent help


an advocate practises law only if he is going to earn something out of it, its his profession.....

no one will sue any other person unless if any returns are there out of be at peace,teachie.......hahhaa


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It's really sad that I get to read all this here, Preeti asked for some help .... that issue seems to have vanished just because some people have had personal issues with lawyers and want to pomp pomp their own hatredness towards lawyers .... where's the sanctity gone ... are U people here to give advises or just blow ur bugle of hatredness towards lawyers .... in every profession u find good people and bad people .... Is it our fault that U just found rotten apples ... and then U want everybody here to listen to ur ill experiences & sob story ... Please try to limit urselves to answering the query put forward by any member to the best of ur ability ... that should be sole intention of ur presence in this forum.



Indian society treats women differently from men, and the legal fraternity is no different.


Some examples that come to mind are :


1. ) Women are chased and men are the ones doing the 'chasing'. This means that while women keep getting overtures and 'offers', men do not get a second 'look'. This also holds for jobs, education, promotion, etc - where beauty is preferred over 'black'.


2.) Men are always trying to impress/please women in their lives - their wives, daughters, even other peoples wives! These include, at many times, money. Even the SC recently asked all Indian males to obey their wives - like they were forced to do at their own homes!


3.) But women are not treated equally in matters of inheritance. Families prefer to give away a one-time dowry - which can be used as a double edge sword in the ever increasing divorces in India.


4.) And the most important difference - publicity. However much some males may crib on websites like these, they have hardly any political presence. Whereas, if a women is alleged to have been raped, the policemen have to act against the accused, merely because of the womens groups that have organised themselves. And womens groups are actually a mere synonym for androphobia!


Let us note these differences to hep us understand these issues better!






Things are not very much clear from yur post . But one thing u need to rem. if u want to live yur husand then you are not suppose to fill any case for any kind against him the only thing u need to do is to file RCR where u need to ask yur husband to come back ..

If u file come cases against him then it will like : throwing a atom bomb in yur house and then you expect very to be save . Which is not possible at any cost ?


Check with that gal with home you husband is living tell him full situation , request with you husband to come back .

There are many other also which i can or yur lawyer can suggest . Check with him .. or u can also mail at

All the best




Advocate High Court Chandigarh M:09814110005

Preeti ji, we all are here to provide free legal aid to the needy people and not to become the banner where you can split as per your own wish.

Every counsel has its own experience and he suggest you as per his/her knowledge but you r the best judge what to do.

Nw in your situation, i can only say plz stop all this and take an advice of any single lawyer whose advise you feel good i your situation.

If you want counseling then move to the women cell or file section 9 to get your husband back.

if you want to take a revenge from other women then it is your personal issue but we can suggest only to the extend of law that a case of bigamy can be filed if you believe that your husband has secretly married.

I can only Wish you good luck but plz stop the game of blame. We have not charged anything from you to guide you for the right path and you should be thankful for this guidence and not be so shrude.



Parthaji, and LegalTechie Ji et all

I just  bumped into this thread ...wanted to find out what this 498a was..did google search  and whalla had it all.  My cousin is getting engaged in Jalander and tonight I am calling him up with all the info. No Engagement will take place till  we see a lawyer  . I wonder if we can do pre nups  in India.

The more people like him make these women aware of the womens legal 'right to abuse' e.g.

Woman says ...oh look so and so happened to me...answer is crisp and clear from that lawyer ..:maam move to ncw" ...

There is a limit to which these black crows can feed on NRI cows. I will spread this info to my entire class that I am teaching.

THANKS Mr Legal tech et all  I wish you good luck.






First of all, there can be no blame on any set pf professionals, including lawyers, for what is an ( undiscovered ) malady affecting gender equality.


Lawyers, are just professionals - doing whatever the law says is correct. For eg., during the British rule, it was the rulers to be blamed for the unfair laws, and not the lawyers who carried them out. Male rights in India is hardly organised, and are constantly blamed by the media even if allegations are made against them!  How could you blame anyone, including lawyers - for that - least of all, the lawyers?


Men treat marriage like ragging :) ( incidentally, thousands of boys are raped in the name of ragging, and hardly anyone is punished, whereas even false allegations of rape of women are treated with jail - but this is a different matter altogether ). After the first year, they treat other juniors the same way they were treated while married. This behaviour can only be explained by the fact that men are competitive buyers of the commodity of s*x. This subconsiously translates into pleasing/impressing all sorts of women - wives, daughters, even other people wives!


In fact, the helplessness of most male lawyers can even be seen in some of the messages on this board - they simply have to follow the law like anyone else. Otherwise, they will lose their client, if they are unable to harass their opponents enough. Even the SC encourages men to simply obey their wives, in order to reduce litigation - the honourable judges holding up themselves as examples!


The only thing positive, is for lawyers to understand the plight of todays husband. Unlike women, however, men have no organised grouping to take out 'awareness campaigns for lawyers' for this.




There are committed lawyers I see here and there are others who feel that the more people like  you talk ,  the more they feel guilty about what they are doing and snap back.

There is a conflict of interest here sure- that favors judiciary,congress politicians and finally abusing wives.


sedate your husband, cut his hands and legs say you did it in self defence or still better .. get some guys to do it .. cover your tracks (robbery attempt is fashion nowadays :) )... cut his toungue and pull out his eyes and puncher his ear drums .. put the rod further into the ear or the ear drum's perforations will heal

z the movie urmila mathondkar and saif ali khan

that gal will leave him ..  since he has lost everything ..

you can have him .. that would be better than filing cases against him ..

if some dog asks you for dowry .. leave that dog. if you want to harass that dog and then leave it.. but dont say you love it.

whatever you do remember, he is the culprit (from what you say) so dont pull his family into this .. and understand with some maturity, love cant be won or given or taken .. it just has to happen .. so instead of waiting on one .. you can search for the one who is the one for you ..

Kamal Grover is good looking .. try him :) !!

one joke to lighten up ..

a lady on first night said .. she was very happy .. husband asked why .. she said " you see i married a doc .. he kept diagonising but didnt do anything .. i then married a sales guy he jst talked so much but again didnt do anything .. like this i married many but no one did anything .. but now that you are a lawyer .. iam sure i will be screwed properly" :) !!




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