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my son while studying when he was 17 of age felt in love with a girl who was 18 yrs of age they told tey married in temple, the girl came along him she stoled money and jewlleery from house with my son when i came back from abroad. apolice complaint was given by me against both of them, they gave in written to police they will return 1lakh 50,000 back in some days. but they flew away.the girl went back to her parents on discussing with some of our relatives and her father in verbal conversation.25 days back my  son went to girls house throed a letter writting a sucide note, in which he also wrote he married girl in nov 2010. secondly he wrote her father hit him & his mother, and asked for justice by police for parents. the letter he throwed was a photostat . now the problem is girls father have lodged complaint in police station, n we are called by police. i have many messages & recordings of girl in which he threatens him to take him from her fathers home. being alone i am very afraid please suggest what we should do and what can happen. Please help me how can i safe gaurd ourself as my son dont have father even. one more thing i want to tell i have disowned my son in feb 2011 but now he is staying with me.they both have so,me pictures together.

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Dear Ms Preeti,


I wish to response but i believe you should repost your query after re drafting, as there is some ambiguity in the same. It would be really helpful if you repost your message.  Please specify your exact query at the end. 


By what appears from your query, there are a few things which I would say. First the marraige is void as per the Hindu Marraige Act. Secondly your son can be in trouble if he continues to behave in the manner in which you have written. 


The legal situtation and implecations can only be discussed on your response.


Zaryab Rizvi (Advocate)




Dear Ms. Preeti,

i feel sorrow for your problem but you need to be specific.

if both ur son and daughter in law had stolen money from you..they both were culprit..

you disowned son then why you keeping him with you??

you can ask further


Amit(legal consultant)

cell# 07505531733


the  complaint  by  father of the  girl  would  fail  engage  a  senior layer  to   conduct your   case  and  defend you 


If you are not satisfied with the replies of the learned experts, kindly feel free to speak to me on (0)9842197857 to get proper legal advice.


Advocate & Legal consultant.





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