euthanasia(mercy killing)

EUTHANASIA(Mercy killing):A comparative analysis between Indian and U.K. position


Reasons against Euthanasia

Religious Reasons: Euthanasia is opposed by those who believe that it is against the will of God to end a life, be it voluntary or involuntary. According to them, it's a form of suicide that demeans the value of life. Some fear that Euthanasia would make the society devalue life of those that are weak like the sick and the old, and it would rob the sufferer of the right to live

Ethical Reasons: Ethical reasons against Euthanasia include the following questions:

  • What are the circumstances when carrying out Euthanasia would be justified?
  • Euthanasia is the act of ending one's life, even if it is termed as Mercy Killing or letting die.
  • In case of involuntary Euthanasia, in which a patient is not asked before a decision is taken to end his life, who decides if the life of a terminally ill patient has to be ended?

Be it voluntary Euthanasia, in which a severely ill person asks someone else to end his life, or involuntary Euthanasia, people opposing it on ethical grounds say that no one has the right to take a human life.

Practical Implications: The cases where Euthanasia is sought are complicated medical cases. Medical care of such individuals is expensive. Some argue that Euthanasia might be used by relatives of such patients to avoid the medical costs without exploring all the possible options of treating the patient. Some believe that legalizing Euthanasia might reduce the impetus to search cure for the terminally ill. Certain sections of the society argue against Euthanasia, on the ground that older patients and those abandoned by their families may feel morally pressurized to end their lives to free their family of troubles and expenses of their medical treatment.



Latest , Sup Court rejected it , The patient in Lilawati Hosp , Mumbai


Life is a Gift of God let  God alone decide to take life.




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