Why conversion in India is meant from Hinduism to others?


If a MISHRA girl marry a non-Hindu and he convert into Hindu so will he also become a MISHRA??? 


---   dear brother, name of a person is his / her personal liberty. one can accept any name.

the intention must not be  bad or offensive.

even one can keep his name as 'ullu ka patthe' no problem.


Mr. Arup when pigeon sees a cat approaching to kill and eat him, pigeon closes his eyes. Pigeon thinks that if he cannot see the cat, cat also cannot see him. But this never happens and cat's job becomes even more easy. Please do not think like a pigeon. Reality is in front of you. Reality is happening in Europre and the West. Islamic terrorism is terrorising them by increasing the population by abusing the freedoms given under liberal democracies. India is no exception.


There are mainly 2 kinds of places in world, they are dar ul islam and dar ul harb. Dar ul harb is a place of jihad until it becomes dar ul islam. India is dar ul harb, hence a place of jihad. Do you have difficulty understanding this fact? or you want to keep your eyes closed like a pigeon until the cat hunts you down?


There were around 660 madrasas in West Bengal a few years ago, how and why they suddenly multiplied to over 10000? What are the forces behind this? What is their real intention? Read the following with the eyes of your mind open http://www.lawyersclubindia.com/forum/details.asp?mod_id=38554



Mr. Arup note the fact that Osama bin Laden despite all his terrorism and hatred was more honest about what he learned from his religion than the stealth jihad being carried out by many fanatics, it is much more dangerous, it is much more long term, it is not done openly and it is based on eating away at all the democracy, openness and freedom loving cultures and societies from within slowly and steadily.

sorry pl


Mr. Nigam it appears you have not understood or rather misunderstood.

I am for the following:

1) Against propagation of any kind of violence or hatred or terror under any kind including on basis of religion, language, region, caste etc.

2) Protect our Constitution which is based on Principles of democracy, freedom, equality, liberty, justice and peace. And should be respected equally by all. These principles should not be seen as a sign of weakness by anyone.

3) Citizens should forever stay vigilant about activities happening in our country as well in the neigbhouring countries that can affect us.

I am not for the following:

1) Propagation of any kind of violence or hatred or terror under any kind, including justified under cover of religion, language, region, caste etc.

2) Allowing intelligence agencies of neigbhouring countries to send infiltrators into the country (who are eagerly issued ration cards etc. by certain political parties to create votebanks)

a) with aim of changing demography of the country,

b) with aim of setting up sleeping modules of terrorists,

c) with aim of spread ideology of hatred, violence, jihad etc., changing demographic profile of the country by increasing population of certain type of people by various means etc.,

d) with aim to push fake currency to cause inflation and instability,

e) with aim to push narcotics, drugs etc. to permanently damage phyisically and mentally the youth of the country to permanently destroy the future of country.

3) Encouraging politicians to create certain type of votebanks so that they can turn a blind eye to above activities under the name of secularism and other excuses.

Hope it clarifies


Has the COI fulfilled the commitments? R people getting Justice, Enjoying liberty & equality..........?


Has it been able to protect the soveriegnty of country, corruption of the MPs and the Govt.....................?


Has it been able to punish the CULPRITS of corruption, black money and ISLAMIC TERRORISM & their modules..........?


Will any body reply?

Banana Master

 we are ACTUALY in minority. This govt is fooling us.

Working Chairperson Democratic Rights Forum (DRF) [Foundation for Social Justice and Constitutional Awareness for Trial of Public Service] - Founder President : Ram Samudre

When the people will understand that we are now secular democratic nation ???




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