Men cannot live without cooks

men eat outside since they get a good excuse to date someone....


while their wives wait for them...they may not like wife's cooking also..


and once in a while,no harm in eating out(with family)


it strengthens the bonds..

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Originally posted by :Suchitra. S
I feel one should always learn the survival techniques. Be it a man or a woman. It is not only about cooking, everything else which helps one to survive at times of emergency has to be learnt. Like swimming, driving, knowing about basics in computers, English speaking, procedures of bank transactions, washing clothes etc.

Ladies & Gentlemen!!!

You have missed one of the most important of the survival techniques for real emergency, the fundamental right, the first law of nature i.e. self defense:


Senior Management

girl ji bekaar ki baat, aap apne lover ko date karne ko tak tayyar nahi ho. aap agr tayyar tab maane ki they date girls outside for meals.


wot a strange logic! ur statement talks no sense!!


donr preach osho philosophies as i dont bliv in them..i think u do....and so u must surely be ruining the marriage of an older man (maybe as old as ur grandfather)


keep having fun!

i dont hv a standard like u.....





Chefs and cooks at hotels are or used to be professionals and it lacks love affection and wishes of a wife.  There is lot of difference between homemade foods and of hotels. Also household cooking is dominated by them (females) and from them only males have learnt the art of cooking. There are so many eateries are there which are run by females. Domination of any filed by any group or section has become thing of past. Slowly females are picking up and excelling in every field and sooner or later they will dominate here also, just wait and watch!! One of the glaring examples is “Lijjat Papad” of “Sri Mahila Griha Udyog”.


Ashutosh Jayaswal,

You have said that is Chefs and cooks at hotels are professionals and it lacks love affection and wishes of a wife? Some people are not married and they prefer cooking as a hobby like Hon’ble Mr. Justice Dharam Veer Sharma and also married person such  as Akshay Kumar.

On the other hand wife at home are not professionals but homemade food is always good for health (There is lot of difference between homemade foods and of hotels.)They loves, affection also, Also household cooking is dominated by them (females).)

Cooking is also survival kit as if suppose your wife file false(suppose) 498 a ,125,or Dv case ,you can cook for yourself and if you have a kid you also cook for them too.

But the question is why does most city woman force their husbands to eat outside the house in hotels or restaurants, as a routine?  Is it because they themselves are incompetent to do proper cooking,  as is evident from the number of house-full restaurants (in cities) in the late evenings.

Most city men prefer food cooked from restaurants / hotels / pizza outlets, etc....   Could it be that woman cooked food with half-interested mind               -----By NMP    Asked ?





Mr. Kushan,

We must know everything; there is nothing wrong in learning cooking, be it hobby or profession.

In cities the populations of middle class people/families (or urban poor) are more than the wealthy and rich. Affording restaurants and hotels are not easy for that middle class people/families.

Regarding why does most city woman force their husbands to eat outside the house in hotels or restaurants, as a routine? “How one can say this “Most city woman”, Is there any survey on this?

Still there are so many ideal families present in society. We should talk/discuss about them only, i.e. about ideal situation.  


So many conflicts b/w husbands and wives over cooking food etc,


so what exactly did they like in the prospective partenr that they marriedhim?

for ex: if the man wants a wife who likes cooking,then doesnt he clarify these facts b4 marriage,instead of marrying just the opposite spouse and then facing misery.


same applies to a woman too..



So,it means that if a man wants a wife(life) who like cooking,then he has to clarify all this things.before marriage.But we saw many cases in which wife after marriage can purchase a cookery book,cookery recipes and become an expert.Some women take a degree ,get education ,so they dont have a time to learn cooking.After marriage they learn  recipes from mother in law ,from books,tv shows etc.


cooking daily becomes routine and boredom job.  Occational cooking is enthusing hobby.  Akshay kumar cooks once a while.  Male chefs at restaurants want their wives have to cook at home, because cooking for them is a big, routine and head-ache job.

I suggest both men and women must learn cooking and a person, who regularly cooks shall get one or two days off in a week and the other spouse shall cook on those days.

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