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two different incident clubbed din single fir

Hi All, 

Request only Lawyers to Answer with relevant citation. There are Two Different Incident which is altogether Different and nowhere related to each other.

First, in the year April  2015       culprit involved 5 ( siblings to each other )  +5

second in the year September 2015 culprit involved 5(one among them is not accused in April 2015 but a member of their ) +1

TOtal Culprit 6 of the same family 

 FIR was registered after the delay of 16 months on +5+1= 6. 

I am planning to put writ in HC as everything which is proceeding in court is an only miscarriage of justice. 

As video recording is not  allowed during trials we cannot prove judge biased behaviour

I and my withness are saying the name of the second incident who was not accused in the first incident 

 judge put the name of the accused of the First incident in the second incident and when we brought to the notice of the court to correct the mistake she rejected that She will not do any. 


I expect the only judgement to be attached with my application that the proceeding is going is bad in law and Two different incidents have to be two separate FIR register. 



Mr Omprakash, I don't know what is your problem to understand the simple question I saw you on every new topic and answer which is not even understood by you in any way. for every question you want lenght discussion, it proves you yourself is confused. 

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Mr Omprakash, you cannot dictate what others have to keep their terms and conditions in receiving advice/suggestion/ guidance on any public platform. 



Mr Omprakash, you cannot dictate what others have to keep their terms and conditions in receiving advice/suggestion/ guidance on any public platform. 
This LIC forum is not for creating confusion but seeking proper answer and not just argument which goes off-topic. 
People like you should understand before making any sorts of comment whether your answers will fall in the category which is expected by the seeker or not. 

And last but not the least you should not behave as a teacher to all of those who are putting their question here and expecting proper guidance from professional experts.  you are simply here for spoiling the thread of others and then argue on their thread to keep showing your degree of knowledge. I have full right to put my question and expectation on any platform on the public forum it is public to understand whether this topic is relevant or not to them OKAY. Afterall it smatters of saving time in useless arguments behind timewasters.



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