Is there any Career after getting into False Rape Case?


I was in a relationship with a girl whom i used to teach when she was re-appearing for her boards. She kept on saying of getting married in future which i have never answered. We both went physical after 5-6 months of our relationship. But, her marriage thing was still the same and on this note i started saying her to focus on studies and get settled. But, she started to yelling at me, abusing me, torturing me by complaining in the police. And, in April 2017, she filed an FIR with IPC 376, 509. The case is still on trial period.

As I am preparing for Civils alongwith other UPSC exams and this case is taking so much of time, Will i get a Government Job after getting clean chit from the court?

Or, is there any career left after getting aquittal from the court?

What if, the girl will appeal in high court or apex court?

Please Help!! _/\_

The case is fake and she just want to take revenge from me.

Once you are acquitted by the trial court with the ruling that you have been roped in a false case (which is highly unlikely) and not that prosecutrix could not substantiate the charges against the accused (which very much likely be) then you have to worry about your apprehension. What does the medical report contain? Would you be concentrating in establishing that it's the false case?

I may also add that, if she was minor when you fxxkxd her, then your every theory would fall flat.
Retired employee.

First focus on your career and examinations.Qualify first.  Who knows if you are qualified, they may even withdraw the case and there are several ways known to police to get the guilty acquitted.


She was not minor when we first had gone physical. She was 18+ at that time.

The medical reports have nothing in it. No rape kindof condition contained in that medical report.

Is there any provision for First Offenders or Can i apply in the court to do the hearings in a faster rate as my career has been blocked with this case?

Is there any kind of laws made for an accused person too ?

No, first time offender clause applies in such cases.

Is there any other way to nullify this case in less time?
And, as i have never promised her to get marry, how will i prove in court that these allegations are baseless?
And, she have one sided chats (of mine) of us from the start as her evidence proof which is still delayed in Forensic Science Lab. What to do as i don't have any such chats of us?
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No one can tell the duration and time taken for any case.  You are trying to count the chicken before they are hatched.

This was your advice to the complainant: her to focus on studies and get settled

The same advice was tendered to you to focus on getting qualified ignoring the case but you are continuing the posts and there are 7 posts.  If there is such a way to nullify these cases in less time, there can never be such noise on "me too" issues.  Maybe, in future some civil servants may get such ideas remembering their sour experience.

Let Court decide the issue and everyone is equal and gets the opportunity of such submissions.  The ball is not in your court.  You can only qualify for the examinations with hard work and distracting your attention in a matter, which at present you can not do anything is not proper if you really care for your career. 


Dear Vishabh Saini, why I have to repeat that she has filed case under sections 376 and 509 IPC against you, which has to be defended at any cost. Can you prove that it is false case? Please consult some local lawyer instead of wasting your time with your valueless logics in this platform. We have sympathy with you, but merely our sympathy will not get rid you of the accusations.



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