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friendship or love

Good Morning to All,

My situation is non tolerable. actually i have two friend (both are girls say 'A' and 'B'). i never met both 'A' and 'B'. i had just talk over phones and chating in facebook. both are my best friends. 'A' is my first friend than 'B', means firstly i and 'A' are friends then 'B' came into my life.

later 'B' is too close to me, and we both are in love (i not met her, we are lovers but not had s*x, we have talks over phone and facebook chatting). all this things between us is know to 'A' also.

unfortunately, 'B' is married with someone (out of her family problems). and after few months, 'A' proposed to me saying that, she loves me like anything. i just refused her, since i saw her as my best friend thats all nothing more. and she is my friend when i had a love with 'B', so i dont have that intension on her.

it is worthwhile to mention here that, i not met either 'A' or 'B', i had just talks over phone and facebook chating. i never told to 'A' that i will marry you like that. i never given any promise to her. 

but now 'A' is telling that you just cheated be, you are a idiot person, i will go with law like that ????

can anyone tell me that, is it i done any wrong ???? do she has any right over meee ???

my stand is, i never met her, i never promised her (even over phone or in facebook), am saying it is just friendship but she argueing that it is love ???

my query is,,,, how a law will deceide our relationship is love or friednshippp ????

thanks in advance




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